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Thursday, April 07, 2011

The True Definition of Lifeless

今天你要嫁给我  =)

fuh....time for some pics from the last weekend...
Like i've said before, Went back to dad's hometown for "Ching Meng"
LOL ate Red Bean Potong Ice Cream and "Siew Yok" for breakfast infront of my grandfather's grave haha
That's the joy of "Ching Meng" every year, gathering and picnic and chit chatting...
Other than that,
it was my cousin's wedding reception as well.
It was indeed an awesome day, lol
so many things to be happy about
everyone was having fun, well at least my family was....
Shout and cheered a lot haha...
and yea, I was idiotic enough to went on stage to perform....i know i'm crazy but gosh it was fun haha!!
got balloons from "my fans" lol but after that i dunno where the balloon went, T.T haiz....
but there's no photos for my performance,
well my dad say he was so worried that i will go off tune enjoyed with my performance that he forgot to take photos...

The photos are not as nice as last week's coz I was just using normal compact camera instead of DSLR

 Cousins singing...
I swear everyone of us have the singing genes!!

Memories that I will remember Forever...

Random :
 this was actually 2 weeks ago, had Satay Celup for Supper wif my cousins...

For some reasons I want to say thank you to this wedding
This wedding totally brought all of us closer to each other.
I remember I seldom talk to my cousins coz we only meet each other for only one or twice in a year...
And honestly, I've never really talk to my new-cousin-sister-in-law before though she had always came back during CNY in the past few years...
But after this wedding, I feel like I have a new family member, well in fact I'm gonna start calling her "Ah Sou", whether she like it or not...keke
and I talked a lot with my younger cousins
We had this SPM Student Stress Releasing Talk a.k.a Complaints and Frustration Chat
Yea, made me realize my cousins are really precious people to me =)
Really can't wait for a Karaoke Session with them!!!

kayz, another week of college is going to be over
Lab Reports are waiting for me....

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