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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Gosh......I still have so many things to do!!! Haven't finish my assignments yet. Sigh.
But I just don't feel like doing anything man...anyways, time to blog abit...
So there was Pre-U society on tuesday and they played this game where everyone just writes on each other's back laaa.....yeap, we write, we don't stab :D
yea....and as expected....MOST OF THE COMMENTS ARE RELATED TO FUN, CRAZY, HYPERNESS AND 38-NESS, yea, and i guess cheerful is actually a better way of saying hyper.
But kinda surprise there's some comments about me being smart.... LOL. I was never consider a smart student back in my school kay...

Whoever who wrote NOISY BUT CLEVER(top-right corner), hehe, i guess that person must really know me haha...that's my fave. I admit I'm very noisy, NOISY IS JUST ME MAN...and I'm grateful that u actually added the word CLEVER. Thanks :D

oh and there's people saying they love my laugh.
What?? seriously??? I laugh like a......IDIOT wan worrr....
u sure it didn't cause sound pollution to your ears arr???
anyways thanks hehe =)

and there's some unique wan as u can see
the one that says DON'T SO 
then there's a drawing down there. a face with 2 crossed eyes.
I'm so sorry but I don't really understand what that face means.
It looks like something bad. Somebody plz tell me.
I really wanna know.

This was from yesterday, which was my classmate Nandeta's Bday
She was wearing this traditional Indian outfit which I thought was very very nice.
Happy Birthday dear!!!
You've been such a sweet girl, and you're like the one who always say I'm cute. LOL, I never expect people to say I'm cute haha

Okay, assignment time starts now...... TT.TT
and d weekend comes :D

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