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Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Dance Dance like it's the Last Last Night of Your Life Life

"Are you going to Midsummer??" "What are you gonna wear??"
Yeap...after talking about it for weeks, MCKL's Midsummer Masquerade Ball is here!!!!
It was the Awesome-est night! I repeat, Awesome-est! Everything was awesome over there, awesome costumes, awesome deco, awesome performances and awesome MUSIC and DANCE MOVES!!

On facebook, this event's photo album of our Official MCKL Student Alumni, is named as "MCKL CAN PARTY TOO!!"
That's so TRUEEEE mannnn!!!!

Anyways, here's some of the moments during the event. Credited photos belong to our awesome college photographer Ivan Tan in the album MCKL Masquerade Night 2011

Beta Girls
I think everyone looks awesome, some got mask, cute dress, set hair summore and super cool make-up.
I felt like I was too under-dressed. :(
Guess who's the lecturer???

The Beta Guys XD
well now you know who's the lecturer
FYI : she teaches Biology

and here's some interesting people in that night
Wonderfuls?? or Wonder fools?? (no offense, I seriously don't know the exact name)
They are the winners for d performances.
They performed Nobody by Wondergirls, as in they sang and danced to the song!!!
I'm sure they put in a lotta effort and I Really love their performance!!!

Our Masquerade Queen, Miss Eva as Cute Tinkerbell
I knew she will win, she's just sooo beautiful and adorable!
It's Our MC on the left.

Awesome Outfits that I really Adored
Vendetta and MadHatter!!
They are just soooo cool man....
Really wanna thank these people who dressed up coz they totally lightened up my mood.
FYI, Vendetta is a girl!!!

 The Open Dance Floor

Now, photos with My Dear Ones

Sweetheart Jiachee with super super biggie-cute eyes
and I swear your short hair is awesome!! :D

Cutest Couple for the Night
Little Miss Sweetheart and Mr.Bra XD

My dearies...
JinYun, Maggie, Irene, Jiachee

Mr. Bra, Chern Earn and ZhiKai
Mr Bra's Bow Tie damn cute lorr
Chern Earn the Farmer with the Biggest Hat (Y)
Zhikai, wear so formal, but when the dance floor is open, macam party animal LOL

Roy as Mario!!!
One of my fave game characters!!!
I seriously adore you mannnn

On the Dance Floor
With Irene
we were playing with the glowsticks LOL
totally messed up my hair...

And also Maggie
totally underestimate her, she was the HIGH-EST 
Had a great time dancing with you girls!!

Princess Sheau Wen
I seriously think there shud be a title call best hair, you'll be the winner!! XD

Miss Alison
You Damn Hot larrrr!!!

Really did ENJOYED THE NIGHT. Was Dancing like crazy when the awesome songs starts playing. Everyone was movin' and swaying with the rhythms and beats. The atmosphere was HOT AND ELECTRIFYING!!! My Favorite song of the night -- DJ Got us Falling In Love Again by Usher

So we back in the club
Get that bodies rockin from side to side (side to side)
Thank God the week is done
I feel like a zombie gone back to life (back to life)
Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up
No control of my body...

The lyrics pretty much tell you the perfect picture of the night.....
Really glad that I chose to come, If I didn't, I would regret man...It's an once in a lifetime experience....
Just wanna thank all the people who were with me that night. The people who sold glow sticks with me, the people who bought the glow sticks, the people who danced with me, oh and also the person who picked up my phone. Yes I dropped my phone, (thanks to all the dancing) and Thank God someone one found it. 

 I also wanna thank some of my friends who said I look pretty that night.
You guys totally made my day, Why??
Coz before I left the house, my mom SCAN-ED me and next she started to complain about everything I wear, from HEAD TO TOE!!
I seriously mean everything, my shirt, my belt, my skirt, my make-up, EveRytHinG!!
I was gonna cry edi coz she wanted to me to change everything as if I dressed like an alien.
But I was late already so I didn't care and went out.
My peep-toe heels, from Opera XD
Dancing with heels is such an impossible mission man....
I salute to all the K-Pop Girl Groups who always wear 3 inch heels for their performances and danced like as if they are not wearing shoes...

I love my ring watch!! LOL most people thought that the watch isn't working, But It Is!!

Red Color Lip stick from Shiseido, which my mom gave me some time ago.
I think I'm now a big fan of bold lip colors.

Maybelline's Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara
see that, 100% Smudgeproof
And Yes, wanted to give this mascara some credit mannn....
I was dancing and sweating like crazy that night and I was so freaking worried about my mascara smudging my face, but things were too fun that I didn't bother to check LOL
But by the time I went home, I didn't see panda eyes or didn't-sleep-for-5-days eyes. 
Which simply proves that this mascara is awesome mannn.... hehe....

Anyways, the whole event was simply awesome.
I bet everyone was having a good time.
I wasn't going to dance, but I had to, in order to sell the glow sticks LOL
and Yea I was holding a bunch of glow sticks in my hand and started waving them around like an idiot haha...
But it was really fun la,
Now I know Why People Just LOVE to Go To Night Clubs

Thanks to all the performers, commitee and the SC members who worked hard for this event.
I enjoyed the night and it's all because of you! You guys made me realize MCKL is really an awesome-riffic college and that night will be something I'll always remember.

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