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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

omg i'm so fat :(
ate Loads of fattening stuff in the past few gosh why food have to be so delicious????

Shimino Japanese Crepe again!!! @ Tokyo Street Pavillion
but this time something sweet - Bananas and Chocolate Cake, RM7.90
with loads of Whipped Cream!!! omg I'm so fat fat

Ochado's Vera Lychee Tea, RM5.90
really didn't feel like drinking milky stuffs after all the whipped cream from the crepe. so this is a perfect choice!

Pretty Deco of Pavillion....

 REvisit : Mushroom Carbonara at Organic Recipe@Casa Utama ( RM 16.90)
Yummy!! Even the fresh veggie taste good!!

ooooh Yeah Starbucks @ 1utama :)
The New Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha -- RM13.50
a treat from my brother hehe
taste abit too sweet, but it's still ok larr...have tinge of sour taste

Cream Puff from Beard Papa!!!
My gosh I LOVE IT!!! now I know why people would be willing to pay 5 bucks for such a small little puff that is probably just made out of flour and eggs.

 I bought two vanilla flavored puffs for mommy...
This is the Bestseller : Original Vanilla Cream Puff - RM4.30
seriously, damn nice.

New Cookie Puff - RM4.90
mommy had one bite only, and brother end up finishing the whole thing, so I don't really now how it taste. I guess it's crunchier and probably taste better by judging on how fast my brother munched the whole thing.

Starbucks's Toffee Nut Latte at Sunway Pyramid this time.
My gosh I love the Starbucks over there, it's like a balcony. But too bad it was raining, had no choice but to stay inside.
Anyways, I prefer Toffee Nut Latte over the Cranberry Mocha, less sweet :D

After some shopping...
Delicious Porridge from Porridge Times @ Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid
Shredded Chicken Porridge with Salted Egg - RM6.90

Plus Cakoi hehehe -- RM1.40

woohoo, IKEA'S Curry Puff!! One dozen for RM11
my cousin was stunned when I say I'm gonna buy one dozen. One dozen is seriously not enough for 5 of us, 10 of them were gone in less than half an hour. the other 2, bye bye in the next hour.

 IKEA Chicken Balls -- RM3 for 6pcs
Yummy!!! but it's not nice when it's not crispy.

The awesome 1 buck soft ice cream from IKEA!! hehe...

bought 2 nail polish from Sasa...
The love shaped bottle is sho cute right?
anyways, the pearl shade is RM3.90, the baby pink grafitti is RM14.90.

 Brother's Starbucks Card...Lovieee the design...

So basically i tried all the hot Christmas Beverages, will try the fraps and cakes soon :D
and omg the christmas tumblers are so pretty!!!

oh by the way, one of the reasons that I didn't really blog last week...
busy with our Physics Conference Poster...
hehe i think we did the largest poster LOL
I'm so glad to work with these buddies :P

homg, SAT this sat, and I'm still blogging here....mygosh really needa study...or else I will just SAT THROUGH the exam doing nothing...

and also cousins are gonna visit me this friday woohoo!!! I have loads of plans haha :D

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