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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Delicious Afternoon Tea Set @ 1 Utama

So, girls day out part 2
Tea time at Delicious 1 utama 
like finally I get to try out the always-famous Delicious food
I know I sound desperate lol, always wanted to dine there but to be honest the price range of the food is really UN-affordable by student aka no-income aka ordinary citizen people like me.I don't dare to use my parent's money this way no matter how delicious the food will be. Unless it's for my parents, but I'm pretty sure they will be so occupied with the price that all the food are tasteless.  
Anyways, afterall it's for my cousin, whose also a family member, so I guess it's worth it, no wait, super worth it, why? I bought a discount deal from hooray!
so "dai" right?
Anyways, I bought a deal for the Delicious Afternoon Tea Set for 2 pax
but no worries, it's okay to share among 3
in fact very okay because the portion was so large..
Thank God that Jesclyn joined us

the afternoon tea set is for my cousin, Vince larrr, sort of a Birthday Present
coz I knew she'll like to enjoy delicious treats in a nice and cozy environment
so when I saw the deal, I knew it, "THIS IS IT!"
I was so excited and really wanted to tell her haha
It was so hard to keep it as a secret for months mannn!!!!

okayokay, back to topic
so we just walked to Delicious and presented my deal coupon
then the hostess asked whether we had reservation
In my head I was like "sh*t, they really asked for reservation"
and I understand why, coz the place was almost fully occupied. (yes, shudn't have underestimated it)
I told her no, and she said I must make reservation for the coupon
In my head, "oh no, dun liddat weih, we need it today, it's so rare to have us gathered"
maybe what I thought was shown on my face, the hostess was kind enough to give us a table
but it was a table right at the entrance
haizzz what to do? duduk saja lorrr
I felt so bad for not making the reservation, or else we might be seating in those comfy couches behind... 
anyhow, we had awesome quality time together...
the location of the table didn't matter at all haha

The 3 Tier Afternoon Tea Set is usually RM59.90
with loads of goodies, both sweet and savoury, also include 2 cups of coffee or tea. 
so we ordered another cup of Earl Grey Tea in extra.
I liked how Vince was so surprised when the 3 Tier Tray was served lol
she said she didn't expect the tea set to be served in such a special way...
her expression and this line was enough to make my day hehe *satisfied*
Glad that she liked it. 

all these for RM59.90++
I'm starting to think it's actually quite worth it, since it can be shared among 3 or even 4 people. 

Here's the contents of tea set in detail (Photos by me)

simple and nice napkin, water was served as well. 

The Bottom Tier - Savoury Snacks
8 pcs of Sandwich (smoked salmon, tuna, cucumber and egg, 2pcs each)
Then 2 Duck Confit in Filo Pastry
"fave tier" lol, since I like all the savoury salty stuff
Smoke salmon sandwich and the duck confit was delicious

Middle Tier - Sweet Treats
3 Scones with Strawberry Preserves and Cream, 2 Strawberry with Chocolate Dip, 2 Chocolate Truffles and 3 Rosemary and Cheese Cookies
Chocolate Truffles were the best hehe
Love the rich yet smooth chocolate ganache
Scones were okay....saltier than I thought
but I like how they serve the preserved and cream, looks prettier than the official photos
the cookies, hmm....not exactly crunchy,but it's okay :D

The chocolate dip that came later coz they forgot to serve it
The strawberries were super sour on itself (of course) but with the choco dip
it really balances the sourness. the chocolate dip was smooth and warm
goes very well with the strawberries without being too heavy..

The Top Tier - Delicious Cake
Macademia Cheesecake
but I think we acted like as if it was bad...
so sorry, coz we were just too full
The cake is nice, really!
The cheesecake is slightly baked on the outside
which gives two texture, the crunchy outside and smooth inside.
The macadamia nuts were so delicious, crunchy and fragrant. 
Really adds a twist to the cheesecake. 
Eventhough I was very full, I still ate non-stop, small lil bit by small lil bit....

My Cappuccino

so while eating, we chat about our lives, what we're up to
the two cousins who didn't meet for a long time were talking about their past, their high school memories together. 
How I wish I had a cousin in my high school last time...
anyways, we enjoyed our time
ambience was great..
especially for girls like us LOL
Satisfied hehe

Two of them were exploring some apps
duno which app they used and came out wif this LOL??!!??

anyways, awesome experience...
just like the name, Delicious
will definitely visit here again
but it'll probably be several years later maybe?

Lot G316, Ground Floor, 
One Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing),
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.

please visit Delicious's website for the address of other outlets : 

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  1. LOL. you've ordered the same set as mine!

    Except that mine was at Mid Valley. :)


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