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Friday, June 07, 2013

Legoland in 3 hours

After the SG trip, I still have 3 more days in JB.
So I thought of going to Legoland since da cousins all have the annual passes.
Turns out their annual passes were just one-entry passes to them coz they only went once and refused to go again LOL I knew Legoland will be nothing close to Universal Studious but I was really into the Lego structures. So yeap, I paid RM120, just to see the lego bricks and buy souvenirs LOL Officially Broke on that day haha Anyways It was still quite a pleasant experience. I'll tell you why.

Legoland @ Nusajaya
Freaking hot that day... 

So we arrive at Legoland at 5pm, yes 5pm already!! When I was buying the ticket, the cashier was kind enough to remind me that I have less than 3 hours. hmmm....well afterall, what I want was just to see the bricks, so...that should be enough...but it seems like I did more than i expected hehe

Fuhyoh, saw this photo, sendiri stunned haha...Yeng Mou?? 

Yes it was super freaking blazing hot...
pls bring ur umbrellas, fan, shades etc etc etc

This Old Man seems lonely, all of us gave some warmth to him haha

Well I'll try to blog in sections, according to the attractions and rides...
So first up
1. Miniland
which is right in the middle of the Park.
The main reason for me to visit this place....Lego Structures!!!
Be amazed, like seriously...
There's replicas of several cities and landmarks all built by Lego bricks. The level of detail makes your jaw drop. The precision in size and scale is also well done! Look at the photos, you wouldn't know I took them from Legoland, you probably think I went to the real location!

My Fave KL View.

There's several buttons located around Miniland, where visitors can push them and see special effects like sound, water, lighting.
For the photo, pressing the button will actually play an effect of the two Lego figures moving the heavy van. 

Will post more Miniland photos at the end of the post.


2. Observation Tower.
This was the recommended attraction by my cousins. Apparently this is the most special and also fun thing to experience in Legoland. Other than that, the main reason is that there's air cond! The weather was so damn hot, and this observation tower seems to be the best hideout!

anyways, the tower sends you up in the air and revolves so that you can have a 360 view of Legoland. The view was great, but there's still several places in renovation.

3. LEGO Studios
This is actually the 4D cineplex that plays 4D movies every half an hour.
The one that we watched was The Spellbreaker
which is a story about a man who makes weapons to defend the country.
To be honest, I was quite disappointed with the so call 4D effects.
ok my bad coz I'm comparing it with Universal studios...
So basically, the seats don't move, so during the movie, the 4D was just wind blowing, some water splashing and snow(made from soap) falling. Well I kinda like the wind effects actually, quite realistic. while other effects are just.....plain...not enough impact. The story was also kind of boring, as there's no speaking involved, yea coz Lego can't speak. I just have the I-CANT-WAIT-TO-LEAVE-THIS-PLACE feeling sorry.

Photo with CHIMA, one of the main characters in the Lego Studios Movie. 

Cute hehe

with our 3D glasses.

4. Duplo Playtown
well it's meant for really young kids, with all the super cute playground facilities made by Lego bricks! we can't help but to enter, just to take some photos with the Lego figures!

Everything is MINI-cute sized in there.

5. Kids Power Tower
My Favorite Ride of the Day!!
Yes, I didn't know I would like this so much haha
I know, it's suppose to be a kids game, but they allow adults too.
Basically, what we do is, from where we seat, we have to pull our way up to reach the top of the tower and have a fantastic view of Legoland. Yes, pulling with your bare hands, no machine, no button or pedal to press. Just your own strength. 
So me and the cousins raced, see who's the Tarzan haha
Once you reach the top, the tower revolves, to give u a good view. It's exciting, coz my legs are hanging in the middle of the air and seriously, it's quite high! The moment you release the rope, you'll fall. (not free fall la but, still, quite scary haha) 
Just feel the height and enjoy the view!
really recommend this one!

an area with medieval castle and beautiful old times village setting.
Takes you back into the Legends and Myths from the Middle Age.

6. The Dragon
one of the most thrilling rides in Legoland. It's basically a Dragon roller coaster that moves at High Speed (not that high if compare with USS) and takes steep drops and rapid turns. Like I said before, I just wanted to see Lego, not ride Lego, so I wasn't exactly prepared to go for thrilling rides LOL, so I shouted really hard though it's not scary at all haha... Anyways, the roller coasters starts inside the castle, before leaving the castle, the roller coaster put you on a track into the Middle Age, with all the Lego figures, do keep an eye on those beautiful figures!

On our way towards the ride :

Lego Storybook OMG

7. The Dragon Apprentice
My cousins called The Dragon ride 大龙 (Big Dragon), call this Dragon Apprentice 小龙 (Small Dragon)。So yea, you understand the difference. Basically, this dragon one has more simple track, unlike the previous one, not that high, not that fast and not that turbulent. But it's still quite fun, as you can have a really beautiful view of the castle and also other parts of Legoland. 

This is so damn de cute OMG
it's at the entrance to The Dragon Apprentice ride. 

I don't have any photos for this area, coz it's just too fun to see n forgot to take out my camera haha
Though I only went to one of the rides, but from what I see, the rides from this area are all pretty thrilling, not that kiddish haha. There's the Lego version Teacups ride, and then a water surf ride with lots of splashing and surprise.

8. Project X
went to this because it looks scary from the outside. It's like this small little vehicle, on a very simple track. Yes, simple, looks like it will break easily. Basically, you ride on the cute Lego toycar and goes along the "Test Track". At first it goes up to around 4 storeys high and here comes a super steep drop. I wont say scary, but at least it made my heart stop a beat since I hate the falling feeling. Anyways, the ToyCar tracks are high for most of the ride, so it's also an opportunity to observe the beautiful surrounding.

Photo for reference. 

basically it's a mini-city. And from what the website says, it's a city meant for children to take control! In my opinion, the sights look pretty fun for this area, though most of the rides are meant for little kids. You have everything from Driving School and Fire Rescue Department to Airport and Train Station. 

9.  Boating School
It's already dusk, the place looks really beautiful at this time! Especially those places with waters.(Yes, in my opinion, prettier than USS) So we decided to go for a boating ride. So it's a Lego Boat! With the bright yellow, red and blue color hehe... We have to steer and accelerate the boat on our own. It ended up as a race between 6 of us haha...We kept on bumping into each other and got stuck together along the narrow pathway, so we kept others waiting, and we're really sorry about that haha...

10. Legoland Express
well who would thought that we teenagers-adult went on a train, slow-slow-train ride? 
It was never our plan, but as the super cute and adorable Lego train pass us by, we just cant wait to sit in this Made-From-Lego-Bricks train...The train was made up of really colorful jumbo size Lego Bricks...
It takes you on a tour around Legoland, passing by all the Major areas. It was night time, so the view was really mesmerizing! And the train station looks really beautiful as well...

The Platform for Legoland express
See the fountain sculpture, it's made out of Lego!!

Area E : Land of Adventure
okay, this part is more like the BC era one...with Egyptian Buildings and statues and also Jurassic Park-esque structures, decorations and plants...
I would say they're trying to mimic the Ancient Egypt and Lost World in USS..
Well the Egyptian statue made from Lego was impressive!! but other than that, it's just kinda plain, it lacked the scale and epicness that can be found from USS.

11. Dino Island
This is like the major Water ride in Legoland, and yes U WILL GET WET, NOT JUST WET, SOAKED!
This was our last ride, and it's already almost 8pm. It's so freaking dark and it does feel kinda scary coz there's no one else before us, or behind us. It does feel like a scary adventurous ride haha...with the loud noises from the beating waters to the thunderous sound effects. On our way, there are Lego Dinosaurs! which look super adorable! Anyways, the drop wasn't exactly scary, but still thrilling haha...and the moment u get wet, u will shout coz it's so freaking cold.

anyways, I think it's best to go for this in the dark hehe....just to increase the level of excitement.

by the way, there's a drying pod (similar to USS) to dry yourself for RM10.

12. The BIG Shop
the main Lego store that sells all the Lego Playset and also exclusive Legoland Malaysia Items.
Too bad that they are already closing by the time we start shopping. I wished I had more time to look through the Lego Playsets, which I really wanted to buy one and build myself...
I ended up only buying keychains as souvenirs...
The Keychains are not exactly cheap mannn, to my surprise they actually cost more than USS's key chains...
Around RM20 each
However the designs are really cute. There's Lego keychains from different series, like the DC Superheroes, Harry Potter, Spongebob, Starwars etc etc...
I kinda regret now that I only bought 5
should've bought the whole DC Superheroes and also Harry Potter Collection (But the collections are not complete though)

anyways, there's also all kinds of merchandise, from magnets, lego bricks, building figures to towels, mugs and postcards. 

Key Chains that we've bought!

One thing that I didn't really like about the keychains, is that, they are not exclusive to Legoland
as in, they can be found at other shops too...Yes I'm very picky when it come to this part...I will only buy souvenirs that actually proves my visit :D I mean, of course you don't want the person receiving the souvenir to have a feeling that the keychain was bought somewhere else right? So what I did was, I actually asked for more plastic bags. Though the plastic bags didn't specifically state Legoland, but at least, we know that the bag can only be given by Legoland itself...

anyways, I had already submitted my complaint to the Legoland website, and I even asked them to open another Legoland Big Shop right beside the Legoland so that people don't have to pay for the entrance ticket just to buy Lego Products. 

The Thoughts...
Well, I would say Legoland is actually pretty well done, despite the hot weather and some minor flaws. Yes, this place would definitely be heaven to young kids! well I'm not going to say it sucks just because I didnt get the fun that I want. Basically, everything in the park is targeted on kids and trust me, there were so many times where I just wished I'm a little girl with my daddy and mommy! It's basically a place for young children to have fun, be creative and also gain experience and knowledge! I told myself that I will bring my kids here in the future. So yea, if you have young kids, do bring them here. If you're above 12 years old, I think the main thing that is worth visiting is to appreciate the Lego structures, its science and art behind them. 

By the way, despite there's only 3 hours, I think I managed to experience a lot. Thanks to the super short queue (eventhough it's school holiday!). So if you're not going to spend much time, I think it's quite good to go in the evening as it will be less sunny!

so now, more Lego structures photos!

KL Sentral with the Monorail Station 

 Merlion Park and Fullerton Hotel @ Singapore
 Riverside Point
ahhh bring back all the memories from SG hehe

Kwangsoo's Girlfriend. with Long eyelashes. 

Ballerina Giraffe! So graceful hehe 

Musical Symphony

 This is so damn cute omg

 KL Night View


Singapore Flyer behind me. 

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