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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Genting with D Papa n Mama

Just some photos to share
this was 2 weeks ago where I went to Genting with my parents

Well I must say genting's weather is just ,,,,,zzang!! 
Me n my parents enjoyed a lot despite there's nothing much to do.
So we stayed in Awana hotel, one of the deluxe room. My mum specially requested for a Golf Course View room hehe.
The view is actually amazing!
So what we did was just chillax in the room, watch in-house movie n tv channels (includes some Astro Channels as well yay!) Then surf the net, well wi-fi is available at extra charge, RM25 for one day. I know damn expensive, but the connection was ok, n honestly, I admit Youtube n Facebook are my main source of entertainment every day.

Went up to the peak at night, just to yumcha and talk about our days...
Mommy is working hard right now, I know she's facing a lot of difficulties every single day, very grateful that she's able to cope with things and never give up. Listening to her stories was the least I can do.

Me and my angel.  

 Hehe dad n mom

 do we look alike??
actually i can't really tell lerr...but many people said so. 

 Now, food review :D
So, we had our dinner at Chuan Kie Restaurant at Gohtong Jaya
I found out about this place from internet, many favorable reviews were given to them. Turns out they are really good! In fact, the moment u step into the shop, you can't help but to notice the wall is fully covered with all the photos taken with famous artists that dined in their restaurant.
Anyways, I think the best part about this restaurant is delicious food and very reasonable price.
3 of us, 4 dishes plus rice n tea, totals up to less than RM60.

 The Famous Deep Fried Pork Belly
super crispy and fragrant!
Seriously you will ask for more once you tried it, the crunchiness is just awesome.
With dark sauce and sugar to caramelized it, love the taste!

I don't know the name of this dish. But I'll certainly order this again and ask for the name next time hehe.
Lots of veggies, mushrooms and also chicken cooked with light seasoning and some gravy.
The mushrooms are crunchy and I love the flavor!

Stir fried Yau Mak with Fermented Beancurd (Foo Yee)
Love this, there's mild spiciness with the cili padi while the Foo Yee adds a rich flavor to the veggie.  

Tofu with shallots and spring onions.
A simple yet delicious dish. The tofu was soft, with mild scent of soy beans, together with the shallots and onions, they give a crunchy and smooth texture and rich flavor.

Well in conclusion, I won't say the food is superb la, but given that most restaurants in Genting and Gohtong Jaya never really offer tasty food, this restaurant's dishes are beyond satisfactory level.

Restoran Chuan Kie 全记小菜馆
29-30 Jalan Jati 1,
Goh Tong Jaya, 69000 Genting
Tel : 03-6100 1151

Next, supper yumcha at The Bakery @ Genting Grand Lobby Floor.
Yeap, with the chilly weather, you just crave for some hot drinks to warm your taste buds hehe...
I believe every one who went to Genting Hotel will definitely had seen The Bakery, the cute cafe with lots of breads and cakes laid out on the shelves and also as decorations on the walls...
The Bakery basically offers a wide range of pastries, bread and desserts like cakes, macaroons and tarts.
From savoury to sweet treats, you name it.

Omg look at all the delicious looking pies and pastries!!!

Here's what we ordered. 
Drinks From Left to Right:
Latte, Brewed Cofffee and Milo.
yea my mom is a huge milo kosong fan, everywhere she goes, thats her drink LOL
anyways, Latte was great, foamy, smooth and love the mild scent of milk and coffee when the smoke floats around. Dad said that his dark coffee was great too!

For the cake
We ordered a Chocolate Fudge
well most of the cakes available are cheesecakes, which my mom is not a big fan of it. So the only option was this chocolate cake. I like that it is not too sweet. Very fudgy i must say, lots of flour I suppose hehe. But it's still moist anyway, the texture is soft yet somehow chewy. 

In a nutshell, The Bakery is a pretty cool place to grab a cup of warm beverage, chill out while looking out to the scenic Resorts World Genting. The misty fog and cool breeze. Well the price, hmm, not cheap, but it's in Genting's Lobby, what do u expect haha....The bill was around RM45 (including tax and charges)

The Bakery
Lobby Floor, Genting Grand @ Resorts World Genting
Selangor Pahang Border 

69000 Genting Highlands.

Lastly, Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary!!
I would say you guys are the don't-quarrel-can-die couple.
But thanks for never giving up no matter what obstacles come in life.
Thanks for all the love you've given me!   

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