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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Ipoh Trip with the Dad and Mum : Ong Kee 安记芽菜鸡沙河粉, Funny Mountain 奇峰 TauFuFa, Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡

Hey there, finally another short day trip with loudao and mama
well I'm really grateful that we actually have time to go out together
At first, I was kinda in a dilemma. I love to go out and travel, and I hope I can spend more time with my parents, but at the same time, the new year holiday is like the only time where my parents can sit back and rest before continuing with all the everyday work. Despite my adventurous will, I really thought that I should just let my parents stay home and rest, instead of going out into the hot sun to travel. However, daddy mummy insisted that we go. TT.TT I know they are trying to make me happy. Thanks ba & ma.

So, where to? Well my mom is not much an adventurer, and my dad, too old to be adventurous haha....
so we decided to go Ipoh for some food retreat.

Come Ipoh don't eat this wan, can go bang wall edi! haha
1. Restoran Ong Kee 安记芽菜鸡沙河粉
the representative food of Ipoh, Nga Choi Gai/Tauge Chicken/Chicken and Beansprouts
usually tourist would go to Lou Wong 老黄 
but we decided to go to the less crowded one next door. 
And there's air cond haha, perfect for a hot day :D

they probably used kampung chicken 菜园鸡
so the meat is kinda tough, very hard to chew
But thumbs up for the light seasoning, with very fragrant sesame oil

Ipoh's locally grown beansprouts
see, they are all so fat and watery
super crunchy and has a mild sweet refreshing taste
the soy sauce and sesame oil enhances the flavor as well

another Ipoh specialty: Horfun 河粉
i call it the skinny kuayteow
like the soup and also the texture of the HorFun
thin and slightly chewy 

We ordered, two bowls of HorFun and one plate of rice, together with the half-chicken and beansprouts above. The bill costs RM30.50

Ong Kee 安记芽菜鸡沙河粉
51, Jalan Yau Tet Sin
30300 Ipoh

Next, time for a Tau Huay Break!
Within walking distance from the Nga Choi Gai restaurants, you'll find the one of a kind Funny Mountain 奇峰 Taufufa, made famous by their super smooth and fragrant taufufa and also their pioneering taufufa drive-thru service.

there will be people who come to your car to take orders and deliver them to you immediately.
efficient service :D
We bought two Taufufa and one Soy Bean Milk (RM2.00)

TauFuFa 传统豆腐花 -- RM2.00
we dabao, so it's more expensive
it's still not enough weih, i could finish at least 2 bowls of these
love the soft texture, it really does melt in your mouth, but it's not like Singapore's LaoBan
taste more traditional

Funny Mountain 奇峰
49, Jalan Theatre,
30300, Ipoh, Perak

While enjoying our TauFuFa, dad drove around the Ipoh streets, lined up with beautiful neoclassical buildings, love the architecture. Old school shops that you can hardly find in KL now, like Kopitiams, Dried Goods store, Chinese Medicine store... when I say old school, I mean those that have all the old shelves, no air-cond and all the products are packed tightly, and they use bamboo blinds....

After that, we decided to have coffee break hehe
At Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡, situated at one of the main roads of Ipoh town
Parking was a problem, but we were lucky enough to find one nearby. 

anyways, upon stepping into Lim Ko Pi, you feel like you just walked into a cosy and nostalgic kopitiam, with wooden furnitures, dim lighting and of course, the supersize mirrors. The interior kinda resembles OldTown WhiteCoffee, but given that the shop lot is an ancient building, the nostalgic vibe is definitely more prominent.   

 Old school never die!
great variety of food! From local main course to snackbites, desserts to our favorite local kopitiam drinks. This is the perfect place if you wanna try out all the famous local delights in one go. 

the old school steel mug to hold cutlery

Red Bean Soup -- RM2.00
nice! it has green bean as well!
Love the crunchy beans and smooth sago. 
and it has a natural sweetness, not over-ly sweet. 

Pumpkin Custard Bun -- RM1.80/pc
Interesting combination, the custard filling is not the very heavy type
just mild sweet and creamy to compliment the sweet pumpkin bun outside. 

Dry Curry Mee with Roasted Pork, Char Siew and Shredded Chicken 三色干咖喱云吞面 -- RM5.50
basically u can customize the noodle
you can choose what meat, what type of noodle, what type of soup/gravy
so we chosed dry curry with wanton noodles.
Love this really much, not just because of the price haha
the awesome sweet and spicy curry and quite generous portion of roast pork and charsiew.
noodles are crunchy too!  

Ipoh White Coffee -- RM2.30
it was suppose to be very frothy haha, but my dad just sipped immediately before I take a photo of it.
anyways, it's really smooth and we love the aroma
plus it comes with HupSeng biscuits
dip them into the coffee!! it's just old goodness haha

Cham -- RM2.40
also with 2 pcs of biscuits
cham can never go wrong la really
very smooth and the coffee taste quite rich!

love the environment, we just stayed there for more than an hour, slowly enjoying our food
taking in the atmosphere
the staffs are very friendly as well...
but there's a lot of things that we wished to order but were sold out on that day
you might wanna come early next time. 

great place to hang out with friends and family

my parents and I had a joke, if our family decides to open a coffee shop, then it will be Choong Ko Pi 冲咖啡 hahahhahaha :P

Lim Ko Pi 啉咖啡
10, Jalan Sultan Iskandar
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel No : 605-253 2898
Business hours : 8am – 3pm daily.
Closed on Mondays.

Something extra here...
The famous Cempedak Cake!
mom randomly walked into a Kopitiam and saw two women lining for these
the two women are Ipoh locals and recommended this delicious cake, which is very famous among the locals. So mom bought it hehe and it taste good!!!
Fluffy and moist, and the awesome taste and aroma of cempedak that fills your nostrils and mouth immediately!!

Get this at Hoong Tho Restaurant 鸿图酒楼
20, Jalan Bandar Timah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

That's the food part, thought we intended the trip to be more like a food trip,we did visited some Ipoh sites as comes the photos...

The Ipoh Railway Station
one of the most prominent and beautiful buildings in Ipoh
I must say it looks very well preserved from the shining white exterior
beautiful archways and windows

The City Hall
another beautiful building indeed
awesome heritage

oh ya it was a really hot day
despite being the rain season

 Perak Tong (Cave) 霹雳洞
Temple in an ancient stone cave
it's hot as hell outside, but the moment u step in, it's just so cooling

water falling off

i use to be super afraid of that statue...

pretty cave paintings...

well we left early, around 3 something go back home edi, coz i hope my parents can get more rest before they work tmr. Though it's just a few hours journey, it was a very fun one indeed, good food cures everything haha. Even better when you have the two most important people in your life right beside you. While driving on the streets, we discovered more interesting restaurants and pretty much mapped out our following trip :D Can't wait to come back here soon. 

Btw, thanks daddy for driving us around, must be tiring for u to drive on the highway while I sleep like a pig behind. 

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