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Friday, January 10, 2014

Catch up session : Brunch at Plan B

Another catch up session with the UTAR buddy
Given that I missed every single memory in UTAR while I was in NTU, just couldn't wait to meet up with her and tell her how much I treasured our days while I was still at the Long River :D

well I wanted to meet up with the whole bunch of course, but I know they are all having their sem break, and most of them probably went back to their hometown outside of KL, so I didn't really have high hopes on meeting them. But this girl actually gave me her precious time in KL after she came back from Taiwan, and before she go back to her hometown on the following day.

Really had a great time chatting with her. Even better, she brought me souvenir!! haha....damn GamDong arr...But best part was still listening to her stories, her updates, and her adventure in Taiwan. Probably because I'm so eager to travel, listening to others' travel stories never fails to cheer me up. Maybe it's my way of 望梅止渴。LOL

Anyways, we had brunch at Plan B @ Midvalley
Food REvisit here...
okay it was suppose to be a brunch haha, but we were late, so, it's lunch LOL however, we ordered the classic brunch meals.

Cappuccino -- RM8.00
to start the day :D
Love the latte art haha...blend of different colors and texture 
anyways it taste great, smooth and frothy
not much sugar is needed, the milk taste gives enough sweetness

Iced Latte -- RM10.00
Jingwen's, I like the fact that you can actually decide the sweetness for cold drinks
not many shops do that

Eggs Benedict -- RM16.00
This is the classic brunch right?
Slightly fried ham, with watery eggs
Healthy taste

Eggs Royale -- RM17.00
a heavier version of eggs benedict I suppose
strong flavor from smoked salmon
love the combination of watery eggs and smoked salmon that melts into the english muffin

So after finishing our food, we just stayed there and chat for hours. Love the cosy environment, it's like a secret place to meet up haha... Probably because of the dim lighting, every table seems to be a private space, really great for friends to chat all afternoon.

just keep on chatting while sipping water....
we finished up two bottles of water haha...
bet the waiter hates us LOL
rushed to the toilet the moment we step up haha

Buddy of the day -- Jingwen
this girl has always been the JiMui of JiMuis while I was in UTAR, always so caring and also damn ON haha
One afternoon was probably too short for us, I just love listening to all the stories, and also what I've missed after leaving UTAR. We'd complaint about our lecturers haha, and I'd be telling her how expensive things are in Singapore, then next second we'll be talking about dramas LOL 
Hope to meet up with her and the rest of GE gang soon.

Plan B
Lot G-073 - 075 Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Go to Plan B's website for all the locations of Plan B outlets:

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