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Saturday, March 01, 2014

CNY diaries

Just gonna post some photos....
before i forget them hehe....
So where to start from....
It's my second semester in NTU, things are easier I suppose, except the curriculum :(
Thought I would be homesick when I first came back
But turns out, I just miss home, not to the point of not wanting to be here.
Guess I really got use to things over here... for the first few weeks, it was still kinda hard to adapt to the study mode, coz CNY is just around the corner!! All I had in my head was, holidays, food, fireworks, food, shopping, food.....
Pretty much spent my time, enjoying life haha...
watch dramas, go out with friends, and also i was in the middle of planning Malaysian Gathering.
Something new: It's my first time experiencing pre-CNY outside home
glad that I was able to spend some time, walking the streets of Chinatown, to experience the CNY atmosphere....well over here, the markets were bustling with people, lots of goodies being sold, and can sample lots of snacks haha...

shopping day with the girls..

treat ourselves to some dessert at MOF

The famous Tooth Relic Temple
which i visited in June last year

Check this out haha
Love this photo so much...
see all the beautiful decorations hanging along the corridors
and also the pretty girl beside me LOL

wonder how they close their stall LOL
so many lap cheong....

Bowling session with Zonal Rotaractors
credits to Steven

Paintballs for FOC outing!
credits to Benjamin

My Dear Malaysian Gathering Committee
Ang ANG arr!!!
thanks to them, we managed to pull off such an awesome event (i think it is la LOL)
hope the event was able to bond AMCISAs and MSAs...

during one our super fun games hehe...

Photo of The Chief Programmers and Log during our recce :D
cute lerrrr :D

Credits to Zhizheng

and that's the first 3 weeks of sem 2...
after that?? CNY....Balik Kampung!!!!
for the first time in a long time, stayed for 4 nights in dad's hometown!
and it's been 3 years since we went back to Sagil for CNY
Strolling down Kampung streets, Enjoy TV, eat like no tomorrow (especially Ramly Burger), and win money (nyehehehe)

random photos down here haha

my baby niece :D
so cute....forgive my suck-ish front camera...

totally messed up YeeSang

evil smile when I see hampers and snacks...

one of the best parts of my CNY, get to meet up with the secondary school gang!!
Sing K in the afternoon, at night had a Japanese Feast, yes FEAST!! lotsa good stuff, thanks to the voucher by Zhizheng
and Lou-ed Sang summore!! Huat ahhh!!

celebrated Xiao Daph's Birthday as well :D

climax: Gam-be-linnn at Xiao Gav's Hse LOL
lose all the money that i won at Kampung .....emoooo
Xiao Gav too ONG LOL

Back to NTU...
MSA CNY Night, with the chairperson YueBei
lots of laughter on that night
awesome event! of my "Relative" Sheauwen, had reunion dinner with her at Ding Tai Fung! :D

Yeap I must say I had a great CNY this year...with the family I love, with the friends I treasure...
Thank God we're able to spend time with other family members after not going back for 2 years...
Btw, I met up with my maternal side cousins as well!!! But too crazy to take photos haha...Love them..

K gonna have some food stuff posted....SOON!!

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