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Sunday, March 09, 2014

MOF My Izakaya @ Bugis & Hawker food @ Chinatown Complex

Was suppose to post all d foodie items during recess week, but potato me, forgot to bring my external disk back to MY haha...since there's some time now, I'll just post some first...

this was long time ago....before CNY, me and my girls went out for shopping at Bugis and Chinatown. After few hours of non-stop walking, decided to have afternoon tea time at MOF's My Izakaya @ Bugis Junction. I remember we had burger for lunch before that, but for girls, there's always a space for devilish desserts. Gosh they have so many menus over here, and a rather thick one for desserts, makes your mouth water at the sight of the pictures. 

Japanese Chocolate Fondue -- SGD17.80
rather unique one, usually the chocolate fondue has a lot of  marshmallows and fruits like grapes, apples, strawberries... But this one uses peaches and apricots. and there's a range of sweet treats like sweet potato buns, riceballs, some sticky and starchy bun. 

not to say I hate it, but it's a little bit too heavy since there's a lot of starchy items
and the chocolate wasn't rich enough
still prefer the Au Chocolat one.

Strawberry Pancake -- SGD 5.50
this is nice! simple, sweet and slightly sour
with the strong fragrance of butter and the fluffy texture
i like how they are really generous with the strawberry jam

Table for 3

with dimple girl....hmmm seems like i have a super CETEK dimple haha

Btw, the restaurant has an extensive menu, from main course, savory snacks to all sorts of iced and hot desserts. Though our visit here is not as good as we thought, we're still feeling hopeful for other delicious and unique items on the menu!

MOF @ My Izakaya
#02-45, Bugis Junction, 
200 Victoria Street

Next, we continued with our journey to Chinatown area...
as mentioned in my previous post, I really love the bustling atmosphere

Go try out this Grilled Squid!! It's at one of the narrow streets next to Chinatown complex, with many stalls lined up. It's awesome!! Fresh and Crunchy, and the grill scent lingers in your mouth!

Our dinner at Chinatown Complex Food Center
Fried Oyster -- SGD 4
Jui Kuih (Rice cake) -- SGD 0.50 per piece
and Char Kuay Teow (forgot price)
Thumbsup for the oyster and kuayteow!!

So yea, that's pretty much for what we had, sweet treats and hawker food!! Indulgence first, followed by awesome flavors...more food from SG coming up!

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