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Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Coastal Settlement & Chock Full of Beans

I think I've only traveled to the east for like a few times despite being my fourth year here. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how Pulau NTU gets its name haha. But I was doing my internship during the break and I bought the unlimited train pass. Traveling from one end of the green line till the other seems to be the best way to fully utilize it hehe. 

It was a day well spent with the friends back from home, checking out the eastern coasts. But please don't expect like white beaches and blue waters haha. Btw all photos belongs to Vienna and Dan who were our photographers of the day. 

The Coastal Settlement
Started our day with a lunch at The Coastal Settlement, a unique dining place located amidst the quiet neighborhood along Netheravon Road. The restaurant has old school interiors, with loads of furniture and objects from the old times. Give you the down-the-memory-lane sensation when I first stepped in but as you look closer, it has a very homey feeling. Love the vibe and I couldn't just leave without taking some photos haha. But the food was pricey given its taste, so I guess the bulk of the price goes to enjoying the nostalgic ambience. 

Address: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529

My favorite photo of the day. Treasure hunting with the girls. 

Rosti with Sausage - S$23 and Hazelnut Latte - S$7

Pulled Pork Sandwich - S$23 and Mocha - S$6
Tender pulled pork strips with a savory sauce, together with soft and runny poached eggs. Quite good but....the price tag... 

Continue Dora the Explorer game.

Found this pretty dressing table with the golden clock and candelabra, immediately thought of Beauty and the Beast!

Changi Boardwalk and Changi Beach 
From TCS, we walked along Netheravon Road and continued into the Changi Boardwalk for a stroll along the coasts. The so call Changi Beach isn't really a beach after all, just a small stretch. We continued to walk, the wind was pretty strong and we could smell of fishy ocean in the air haha. Ignore that, the view was still enjoyable, with planes flying here and there. Turns out Changi Village is much nearer than i expected, in no time I saw the familiar ferry jetty where I took a ride to Pulau Ubin. The waters are much clearer and blue at the Changi Beach Park. 

Changi Boardwalk near Changi Village

Mandatory OOTD shot

Changi Village: Chock Full of Beans Cafe
Upon our discovery of Changi Village, Sheauwen immediately suggested to go CFOB for coffee break and there's a particular reason why -- The cute 3D Latte Art. Anyways Changi Village has loads of eateries and hipster cafes around the area. I suppose it's a great place to hang out during the weekends, a getaway from the busy city, enjoying an afternoon while peeking to the sea. You can even go Ubin i believe. 

Address: 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090, 500004

Portobello Benedict -- S$13
A vegetarian alternative of Eggs Benedict :) Nothing can go wrong with Portobello Mushroom seriously, love the juicy and chewy taste. 

Wasn't expecting much from 3D Latte, but this Baymax made my day. So cutee... can coffee be so adorable? 
From Olaf (clockwise): Maple Latte - S$5.00, Ice Mocha - S$6.50, Rose Latte - S$5.90, Vanilla Latte - S$6.50

In a nutshell, it was a wallet burning day, but discoveries were great haha. Awesome day to relieve all the stress from a working week. And special thanks to the buddies who are willing to travel with me :D

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