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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Atlas Coffee Embassy and Dream Cafe @ Mount Austin

Two more Cafes in JB which I have visited recently, just gonna do a short review since I don't have lots of photos. Each have a rather distinctive style from other existing hipster cafes in JB. One serves hearty breakfast, the other serves gourmet-style western main courses. Both places serve specialty coffee as well so it's also a great place for coffee lovers to get a hearty meal and caffeine fix.  

Atlas Coffee Embassy
Love this homey cafe with a very bright and warm ambience. The cafe has white walls and light colored wooden furniture. Initially I was pretty shocked at the price of the food, just eggs, bacon and mushroom, how on earth could it cost this much? But damnnn it does taste good, very well seasoned and delicious.  

Atlas Specialty Breakfast with 5 items - RM18.90

Blueberry Waffles - RM22.90 

Mocha -- RM13.90

Photo source: Atlas Coffee Embassy FB page

Atlas Coffee Embassy
32, Jalan Mount Austin 8/7, 
Taman Mount Austin, 
81100 Johor Bahru

Dream Cafe
It's both a cafe and bar that serves a wide range of western main course. The Cafe has a rather artsy ambience, but kinda dark and gloomy. Anyways the food was okay. The Herb Butter Fish with Raisin Rice was good! If you are looking for a place for lunch or dinner with a rather special western menu unlike your usual carbonara and chicken chop, this is the place to go. 

Bake Herb Butter Dory with Raisin Rice -- RM15.90

Dory Fish and Chips -- RM18.90

Photo source: Dream Cafe FB page

Dream Cafe 
27, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, 
Taman Mount Austin 
81100 Johor Bahru Johor 
Tel: +607-364 1052
Check out their facebook page for more details. 

EXTRA: 三楼米粉 San Low Bihun at Mingji Restaurant 铭记家乡小炒
Just a rave haha, I have heard of this famous restaurant in JB and finally had the chance to try their popular fried bihun (vermicelli). Really wasn't expecting much, but again, I was impressed by how delicious a Fried Bihun can be! Super fragrant, with soft but not soggy strands of bihun, a burst of flavors from garlic, egg and the slightly chao-tar bihun. Niceeee!!

Location: 24, Jln Rosmerah 2/12, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru.


  1. The foods look so mouthwatering, lovely post it makes me hungry by watching your photos LOL.


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