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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hahaha......1st time post.2day,the rain makes me sad, sorrowful, finally...IT MAKES ME WET!!!!! Juz finished my exam....well the results, u can juz get it how bad was it from the 2nd sentence of this blog. So far... i got highest in my maths which is 91.5. But 4 u all, u will think it is bad, rite?? 2moro, my skool celebrates teachers day, i dun noe should i go or not?? Looks like it is boring, coz of those speeches from the teachers,principal. But i heard there will be sum performance, i think not bad la....Well....i oso got scolded by my stressed mom, coz my maid has gone...dat means she hav 2 do thing by herself la...but i can understand how was her feelings although she keep scolding me.... hope her stressful look will disappear,n get lost in diz world 4ever. Its been ages i didnt go out n hang out wit my frends.....but i'm not a mall maniac. Juz hope i can hav a day of break wit my frendz. Hav a nice day n sweet dreams.

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