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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hi every1

This post is just 2 let ppl noe hu i m. KK, my name is JIA WEN. I'M FROM MALAYSIA,Selangor,P.Jaya. I'm borned at 1st of november 1993, dat means i'm 13 yrs old rite now.I'm studying in a secondary skool named SMK TAMAN S.E.A .I'm a chinese. My fave color is SKYBLUE. I live wit my loving parents n a cute, funny,silly n weird bro.4 me, having frendz is juz my life's most important thing. Without frendz, i might die. But i'm not dat kind of ppl hu can speak very well. So...sumtimes i accidentally hurt my frendz. MY FRENDZ, if you c diz post, PLZ FORGIVE ME!!!! But, if u wanna be a friend of mine, plz add me!!!! My email is .Was it a little bit special?? My intrests are music, travelling n trend. Music, is important 2 me, i think so do u all. Travelling actually is not really an intrest, is my wish. Coz i never travel with any transport accept car. I hope dat i can travel da whole world once i grown up. Trend?? HAhaha, i luv trendy stuff, especially cellphone n note book those IT products. But i can't afford 2 buy these. If u hav da same intrest wit me, remember 2 add me n be frend of mine!!!!

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