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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm so jealus u larr!!!!

2day, juz stay at home n do housework onli lah!!! My bro went out n celebrate his birthday wit his frendz. Actually his birthday is at 21st of May. Bcoz of da stupid exam lorr, he can't celebrate on time. Diz evening, when i was helping my mom chopping onions n garlics, suddenly, my tummy hurts. It's so painful!!!!My mum said my face has turn white, even my lips!!! My parents r more frightened than me!!! Hahaha, i think diz is bcoz of yesterday's teatime-Air Batu Campur n Rojak Mee. My mum asked me 2 take medicine. The medicine sux!!!!Afterdat, my painful tummy was released n every thing goes normal. No longer, my dad fetched my bro back I was so suprised dat he had lotz of plastic bags on his hands. There were 2 SPEEDY plastic bags, 1 NORMAL plastic bag n a BILLABONG plastic bag!!!!. Then, he told my mum, his frend gave him BILLABONG T-SHIRT (4 me, quite expensive in my country, n i can;t afford 2 buy)n asked my mum 2 wash da clothes. I was so shocked dat he could get such expensive present from his frend. After dat, my bro n i went upstairs 2 play computer. He say his frend bought him a FINAL FANTASY ADVENT CHILDREN CD n a JOLIN TSAI'S NEW ALBUM DANCING DIVA!!!! Well Jolin is my bro's idol. FINAL FANTASY was my bro's fave game. N another 1 is a cute n funny hanfon holder. I'm So jealous on him larr!!!!!!

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  1. Jia Wen, how come you didn't go back to Yuk Chai today? Got gathering wor..


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