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Sunday, November 12, 2006

CAN I JUZ SLEEP ALL DA DAY?? d afternoon...
went out 4 lunch
den went 2 kl
guess where i go
i went 2 kl sentral again!!
coz my mom says she wanna buy earrings
den there r cheap n nice ones
den we went there
bought earrings n clothes
walau....damn cheap la weih
den we went other places n walked 4 a while
den came home
watched tv
n played comp all da timee
den life goes normal again
den datz all
2moro hav 2 go mcd AGAIN
i tak boleh tahan oledy
i wont b eating lunch at mcd
it was like almost 2 days i eat once
well 2moro we will talk bout da hiking laporan stuff
den me, kahying n hui qian will go earlier coz we hav 2 buy our board stuff
2moro morning gt piano lesson oso
so fan larh
i think datz all....
i hope i could sleep all day

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