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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long time didn't post,
okay, i'm writing this same line again......
went back to hometown last week......

Last Saturday & Sunday

I got my tortoise, hehe, every cousin of mine has 1 too.
Thx to my 'gu po' who gave me this

My cousins

My cousins' tortoise......=)

Well, nothing much happened during these days......i love the food, i ate 'bak kut teh' on delicious......but i drank the worst bubble tea in the a chocolate flavour 1.......and the bubble tea without the pearl.....damn horrible man.......bitter 1......and it costs 4 bucks i think.....anywayz......i enjoyed hanging around with my cousins.....


Had badminton match with green house yesterday, i played in mix again. Different partner, but same thing, i don't know who he is. The score? 21-7(nt sure) and 21-18. For sure, we lose larr. We should win in the match. Because the main point of the whole game is to win in mix doubles. Green house people damn licik man........they were like pretending that they argued, and shouted for which position they want for. Everything was a drama. So, we put the wrong person in every match. I'm quite upset with this, i hope that han rui didn't told me this. However, it's over.... At lesat we got a silver rite??

I had my piano exam TODAY. It wasn't really good. I don't know how i'm gonna explain this to my teacher.The examiner was a guy. Well, i did quite well when i'm in my house. But i don't know why everything was different in the examination room. My scales sucked like hell, i got half of it wrong. Maybe i'm too worried. The pieces?? Boleh tahan larh, the piano was very useful for my pieces. especially for the expressive ones. Sight reading, okay larr. Not too hard but it wasn't easy too. Aural- This was easier than i expected, but i guess there's mistakes in my counting & singing. Overall,it was a nightmare. Worse than last year. There's 50% for me to fail. Everybody, please pray for me that i'll pass. After the exam, i went mcdonalds and ate double cheeseburger & mcflurry. Then went home and do nothing. I'm quite sad. Not because of the exam. When i think of the exam fees, i felt so scared if i fail and the money was wasted. Hope everthing will be okay.

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