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Sunday, July 15, 2007


today was a long long day,
in the morning,
i had a match with ruman hijau,
i played in mixed doubles.
and my partner??
i don't even know who is he,
and my competitor??
seng yew and 1 girl,
the whole game was only seng yew playing,
no offence but the girl didn't do anything,
i did a lot of mistakes....
yea, my partner did tonnes as well.
that's why seng yew didn't smash me but him.
the score for the match?? T.T
15-3, 15, 6
thank god, at least i'm not the worst score in the whole day,
somebody scored 15-0 & 15-1
and the person who won is a purple!! yay!!
nevertheless, ungu still lost.
then i had school, freaking boring.
hanrui & i gt more topics bout badminton.
and they rampas-ed say wei's mp3....
then, we were rushing to change into our uni.
en.zol saw us & asked this and that.
then we reached there.
the gathering??
i think is a little bit fun......
well, this was my 1st time,
so i don't know how other school did.
then we played around.
CHS's cheerleaders rocks!!
i likey their uni.
adn another point of the gathering,
The Band.
if i'm not mistaken the band name is Ice-Cold Morning Band.
they were really cute & rocked!!
erin & sook ven were falling for the percussion guy. i think esther's like that also.
i heard the name is bryan. not sure larr.
and two of them act like super funny,
and sook ven just look weird.
and they were asking for his email......
and they were looking at the guy all the time.....
honestly, i didn't really see how the guy looked like but i'm sure he's really cute.
The band sang couple of songs,
like "wake me up when sept ends", "dirty little secret"
& their encore song "keep your hands off my girl"!!
the encore song totally drove me crazy. i like good charlotte.
and we had games.......and so on.
kinda enjoy but at the same time is kinda bored.
anyways.....great exprerience.......
came back and went online......

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