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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bye Bye Form 4.....

Last day of Form 4......there goes a a blink of an eye
Thank God for giving me awesome classmates!!!!
I think I really enjoyed form 4
But today was a bit boring to me,
coz my loupo not here, bao sook not here, Ching, Audrey, Miu, Fiona........all not here's the last day of school, we still had some FUN!!

Here's a bit of what happened in class today

Learning from the Guru

Class-court Badminton Match Between Cassandra in Vinodhan =)

Styling David's Hair!! Man, u look so very super adorable!!

I will seriously miss you all!!!!!!!!

Audrey, MiuYinn

Destinee =)

4eva-3-yrs-old-KaiLeong and Lame-Joshua


Huey Wernnnnn

Amanda!! I still dunno how to solve the last part la.....

Rin Rin Erin

JanYi!! *Gee gee gee gee =)

JanYi, David&ShiatHui, with their colorful bands.

School is out!!
I'm not sure it's a good or baad thing.....
Coz I really will miss my Friends...

Bye Bye Uniform,
see you again in one and a half months time

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