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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

JCard Day + Asian Food House @ DU

Went to 1u Jusco for their JCard Members' Day
but before that
ate in Asian Food House in Damansara Utama
and It's damn delicious
even my Mom says that she'll come back
quite affordable as well
coz it makes ur stomach FULL
Most of the dishes are taiwanese but there's japanese and korean dish as well
the drinks are a bit pricey though
but delicious too =)
here's what we ordered
Mom : Taiwanese Brine Pork Rice and Ginger Honey Tea
Brother : Taiwanese Beef Noodle (Their Speciality) and Mocha Coffee
Daddy and Me : Japanese Curry Rice(Pork/Chicken) and Vanilla Coffee
and the total bill is RM 66, so in average RM16/person
better than eating Japanese food which will cost 25 bucks/pax rite??

My Japanese Curry Rice
comes with a soup.
Asian Food House Restaurant
Location : No 38, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 , PJ, Selangor

I really love the teacups for the Ginger Honey Tea

so mini and lovely =)

Asian Food House
No 38, Jalan SS21/58, 
Damansara Utama, 47400 , 
PJ, Selangor.
Okay then went to Jusco 1u
and OMG it's still exactly like the previous members' day
packed, DENSELY packed
everyone were grabbing clothes, buying bedsheets, and trying shoes and all
and they have some Happy Hour thing which kinda like lelong-ing
total madness weih,
I was so afraid that I will block the road or maybe fell so I didn't take my camera out to take down the whole situation
just imagine Jusco turning into a indoor night market with bright lights all around =)
we didn't plan to buy anything
it's just my brother, he needs some working outfits
so I jalan-jalan around and see what can i Grab
and I wandered a lot in the Toys department, haha
but there weren't much discounts in the toys department
yes yes, I love buying toys
and my latest wishlist is The Joker and Batman in The Dark Knight figures and
a Dream bathtub set to complete my Barbie furniture collections
not that I actually play with them, it's just an indulgence in collecting
anyway, it's still freaking expensive after discount
so in the end we didn't buy much
and Thank God they had more cashiers this time
so didn't really need to queue or wait
Pictures of the day....
hehe....Batman with its Sonic-Bat-Shield =)

My Mentally 7 yrs old brother bought this Gundam Model
Halfway done....

How in the world he can put all this tiny pieces together??

If i said my brother is mentally 7
I'm 3 then
haha, bought this Giant Milk Bottle Bank
and it will be the mother of all my Piggy Banks!!
My goal is to fill the whole bottle up with coins =)

And maybe I'll drink it.....

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