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Friday, November 20, 2009

Majolica Majorca's Chapter 25 Mademoiselle Midnight

I'm just gonna share sumthin I came across yesterday.......
Went to one utama yesterday
Wanted to buy clothes but in the end hang gai oni
coz I'm gonna wait for the year end sale that starts next weekend
Please come faster!!
I wanna shop for some Fall clothes
anyway, my mom asked me to buy mask for her in Watsons
yes, her fave mask, Neutrogena Hydrating Mask
then I bought 2 other masks as well
and they all cost 23 bucks....WHAT????
Okay anyway, saw this new booklet from Majolica Majorca
Their new holiday season collection is coming out this sat
I really liked their products, and also, THEIR BOOKLETS!!
coz it's so beautiful, fancy, and kinda magical
Just like a storybook....
so this holiday season they came out with the 25th Chapter
Mademoiselle Midnight

Checked out what Mademoiselle is
It's actually a French Term.
Ma = My
Demoiselle = Little Lady
So this plus that equals to, My Little Lady

They have this new Midnight Dresser Palette(Rm 65.90) in 2 different shades,
The purple color balm is actually the Secret Lingerie(RM 55.90) body perfume,
Then the red color compact is the All Night Compact(RM65.90) powder.
These are all limited edition products.
Watsons are selling them at reduced price right now.
Really love Majolica Majorca's Concept
Very high-end,fantasy princess theme. =)

Anyways, Watsons is having their Christmas Sale
and the things are seriously cheaper than usual.....
and they have all kinds of special gift
I'll definitely shop for Christmas Gift over there next week =)
the sale starts from19th of November till 3rd of January next year

Can't wait for this biggest annual sale!!

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