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Monday, December 28, 2009

No NoNO.... Christmas dah habis....

There goes my Christmas....
didn't really celebrate coz my family aren't Christians...
but somehow we still did some vital stuff in this Season of Giving

24th of Dec, Christmas Eve
Stayed home with my family
and watched some movies
Mummy cooked her Hakka Lei-Cha
and then later
A&W for Supper!!

We watched a movie till late night
so I only started doing the beads work
and wrapping the presents at 1.30am (i know, vry last minute)
I slept at 4.00 am that night
Cutesy Wrapper from S n J

In The Making of The Key Chains and Time Table
with Hama Beads/Fusible Beads
I really hate it when i accidentally oved the table!! (Top Pics)

The Key Chain and HandPhone Straps

Start Wrapping...
For Mummy,
A Cook book,
A Winnie the Pooh Hair Towel...

For Papa,
2 pair of Rubber Gloves
* bcoz he washes the dishes every night....
and My 2010 Tuition Timetable
*I promised to make him one bcoz he kept forgetting my tuition hours...

For My Big Bear Brother,
Biore Pore Pack and
Biore Men Black n White Face Wash
*bcoz he has zillions of blackheads on his face
(It's not really obvious though bcoz he has vry dark complexion)


25th of Dec, It's Christmas!!
Went to 1u @ night just to Jalan-Jalan
after having our bellies stuffed with food
@ Hakka Rang Restaurant, Kota Damansara...

26th of Dec, Boxing Day
Dinner Dish for the night by ME
Sugar Garlic Salmon

I know it looks scary...
but it was delicious la kay??

Wanted to go The Curve but traffic Jam
so went to 1u AGAIN...
Mummy bought these 2 tops for me @ Padini Authentics
60 bucks for 2 tops =)

Later, Supper-YumCha
@ Old Town White Coffee, SunwayMas

My Fave Drink, White Milk Tea...

Okay, The Presents.....
These are presents for my cousins which i gave them last week....
Disney Princess Pencil Case for Winnie
Clearasil Face Wash and Gatsby Styling Gel for Zack
EH Moistfull Kit, Ellips Hair Oil and TFS Nail Color for Yenting
Ben 10 Pencil Case for Joseph
EH Aqua Sherbet Kit, Ellips Hair Oil and TFS Nail Color for Vince

From my brother.....

Presents from my cousins....

Patrick..... So fat and round...

The end of Christmas simple means New Year is coming
by then I'll be 17
facing more challenges and events in life...

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