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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Magnifique Christmas and Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

It's New Year's Eve's Eve!!
Magnifique Christmas of Sunway Pyramid =)

Shopped in the mall first...
There were sales EVERYWHERE
It just stabs me for not saving money for the year end sale...
My Wish List is growing longer than ever...

Hungry Time = Dinner Time = Good Food Time
@ Sushi Zanmai, 1st Floor of East Oasis Boulevard

We didn't really care how much this meal is gonna cost us...
We just want a delicious evening.
And so we ordered this restaurant's signature dish - Sushi *of course!!*
The Basic Ones
Egg and Crabmeat Roll
Inari, The Tofu Pouch Sushi =)
Tobikko, Fish Roe Sushi
Yummy but I thought they were too small in size compare to Jusco's Sushi...

Promotional : Lobster Cheese Rice Burger
Warm dish, Love the taste of cheese with rice!

Tako, Octupus Sushi
Not Bad, Very Q

The best dish of the day!!
Soft Shell Crab Maki
so so so delicious and crunchy...

Desert, Green Tea Ice Cream
Love the refreshing scent...

Desert after desert for Fiona
Salmon Nigiri
I can't comment about this since i didn't try it...


Next, Continue Shopping & Take Pics

I'm a huge huge fan of Hello Kitty
I'll buy the whole section one day.....which is very far away...

The Magnifique Stage
I really like the deco
it's like those Classic Musical Stage
Masquerade, Classy and Glamorous
It's inspired by the Moulin Rouge Theatre...
Beautiful!! *Thumbs Up*

They really made a great effort in the deco
The exterior and interior of the mall all looked fabulous...

Outta the mall....
@ The Oasis Boulevard
On Our Way to Sunway Lagoon...

See Part 2 - Sunway Lagoon Nite Park

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