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Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Asian View of Cultural Differences

This is a poem that I read during today's English lesson
And I really want to share it coz it's dead true....

An Asian View of Cultural Differences
by Dr Mai Van Trang

We = East ; You = West

Line 2 -
We are always at rest You are always on the move

Line 5 -
We accept the world as it is You try to change it according to your blueprint.

Lines 8, 9 -
We delight to think about the meaning of life You delight in Physics
We believe in the freedom of silence You believe in the freedom of speech.

Lines 11 - 15
We marry first then love You love first then marry
Our marriage is the beginning of a love affair Your marriage is the happy end of romance
(Ours)It is an indissoluble bond (Yours)It is a contract
Our love is mute Your love is vocal
We try to conceal it from the world You delight in showing it to the world

Line 17
We are taught to cradle to want less and less You are urged each day to want more and more

Line 20, 21
In the sunset years of life
We renounce the world and prepare for the thereafter You retire to enjoy the fruits of your labour

I thought all these are so damn true....
This poem is definitely not offending anyone
It's quite objective
I doesn't mean any of us did anything wrong....
It's just our different way of walking through the journey of life

What do you think??


  1. interesting.. yeah some are pretty true =)

  2. i agree with u. its interesting and true. maybe not for all asians since more people are adapting western values in their live nowdays.


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