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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Joint Musical Charity Concert by the Leo Club

Went to the Joint Musical Charity Concert last Sat
organized by the 13 Leo Clubs in Selangor
and it's a charity concert to raise breast cancer awareness and also charity fund
They were all types of performance
really worth watching!!

The Revival
Venue : Taylor's College Subang

One of the host on that day
Taman C's Neil Liew

Here are some of the awesome performance photos
A contemporary dance I suppose
My fave performance on that day

Our Taman C's Sexy Hot and Sweet SugarRush

Oh My, I forgot the band's name
but they are really cute though
and they sang "Move Along by AAR" which made the whole hall alive!

Nana's Performance
be mesmerized by her wonderful voice
seriously PRO weih

Taman C's Hot Attics rocking the stage....

I didn't finish watching the concert coz i had to leave early.
Anyway, I thought that the concert was a great success.
Bringing so many schools together and also raising funds at the same time.
Good Job people!
Hope this collaboration will continue next year!

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