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Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

No Sweat

Clearly, Everybody wants it....


1. When you sweat, you'll look pathetic

2. It's definitely not a fashion trend to have dark tone prints at your underarm area.

3. Nobody wants to have "close and sticky relationship" with our clothes...

4. We simply do not want to be any of them in this picture!!

I know it's pretty hot and sexy to you when C.Ronaldo or Maria Sharapova is sweating...

But that's only what you see, isn't it??
Our nose is also a sensory organ right on our face.
And your nasal chemical receptors simply tells you to turn you head away right away after processing the "complex and unique" air chemical....

Sweating is definitely not a bad thing,
as it release the excess mineral salts, uric acid and excess water in your body (learned this from Bio class!!)
Makes your body healthier as all the toxic waste are being excreted....
If you're doing exercise, the more you sweat the better it seems (and you actually look hot when you sweat during exercise!)
But, I don't think anyone on earth wants our toxic waste to be pumped out during
1. A date with the guy/girl you like
2. A gathering with all your friends

3. A formal dinner

4. A job interview

etc etc...

It's not just about how you'll look, but also how you'll feel.....
Sweating during a date makes you wholly uncomfortable coz you'll be feeling the stickiness and the heat releasing from your body....
When you look uncomfortable, everyone else beside you might feel the same way too...

Basically I'm one of the sweat victim...
I sweat a lot, I mean really a lot,
like I had mention in Week 2's topic, I had too much waste in my body
so when I sweat, I feel really really weird,
I didn't want to walk closer to anyone and I was praying that no one will touch me, Especially My Back!
Nobody likes the sticky touch....

There was once,
I was told to enter a dodge ball tournament at the last minute,
so I didn't bring my PJK shirt (I'll never wear any T-shirt which is not black or white)
and of course I didn't bring my deodorant
Then my friend found me a t-shirt which is grey in color from one of my male classmate (I still don't know who owned the t-shirt)...
I immediately thought of the sweat I will stain on the shirt...
I was reluctant to wear that shirt
but our team will be disqualified if we don't have enough people
so I had no choice but to wear that grey shirt and play dodge ball
And yes, I didn't regret in participating the tournament, coz it was simply fun!!!!

And we manage to make it into the semi finals on the next day
But after the game... I felt really self-conscious....
You can see the wide, big and ugly dark patches....

It was everywhere....
And I was imagining what the guys will think if they see me... pai seh!!

Not even girls can bear the sight of it, let alone boys!!!
so yea....
right now....if I'm not mistaken
the shirt is still lying somewhere in my house (after washing it with extra detergent and softener)
I felt sorry for the owner and I don't have the guts to give it back to him...

Yea, It doesn't matter either a guy or a girl....
sweating is not a wholly-pleasant thing no matter where you are....
but now, you have good and efficient(like a sweatband) deodorants like Adidas

why should you let sweat ruin your perfect, free and fresh day??
Stay fresh all day with Adidas!

No Sweat, No Dread!!

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  1. but i like to sweat when exercising.. haha =D

  2. but you're a guy ma.....
    girl very pai seh wan wor....

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    If a cute girl is sweating , I ♥ it :-D
    For me very sexy...may sound crazy ,
    but I can´t help it and I enjoy to see a very sweaty girl.


Love Nuffnang


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