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Friday, March 04, 2011

My Scheming Mask!!

I'm having a CRAZE over this facial mask brand!!!
My Scheming Mask
Gosh can't get enough of all the cute, special and EFFECTIVE masks...

Okay here's some that I used recently :
 Sakura Whitening Mask

Pearl Extract Mask
Yeap both masks are awesome...
I can't really say that the Sakura Mask helped in Whitening
but what I know is both masks helps in giving a more radiant complexion.
And of course, it was really relaxing...
Unlike other masks (which I don't know what they use to make the mask sheet),
the material of the mask sheet is very soft, and it won't give you a over-cooled feeling while you apply it. 
I hate it when the too-cold mask sheet touches my face and sting my face like dunno how...
So, if you want to relax, and have your skin moisturized and more radiant. 
All these masks from My Scheming Mask are awesome!!!
Get them in Watsons, at around RM6.90, ONLY IN WATSONS!! 

Another Brand from Watsons :
It's under the Japanese Imported Beauty Products Section of Watsons
The price is almost the same as My Scheming Mask
I tried The Whitening One (Blue Packaging)
The essence can easily be absorbed and doesn't leave your skin sticky.
But one thing that I didn't like, the opening (hole) at the mouth is like super small man....
The mask covered my mouth too, yea because the opening/hole is not big enough for my big mouth....
I wonder if all Japanese girls have SMALL MOUTH, THIN LIPS??

I will use the scissors to widen the mouth opening next time!!

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