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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finally, I can call myself a Straight A Student....

Sorry for keeping my blog in the fridge for 2 weeks....
I was kind of busy with college applications and piano and other stuffs and and shopping
Anyways, I went to collect my SPM results on wed
Yea, after waiting for so long, after so much worries, after all those crazy K书 days....
hehe, the results are somehow better than expected...

Yay!! Straight A's!!
Damn Happy!!
Never expect this because for UPSR and PMR, I was always 1A away from straight A's....
And My Brother will sing the song "差一点" which made me so "geram"
"Brother, you can never sing that song to me..hahaha", that was what I said to him on wed.

For Now, 
I just wanna shoutout to some people who made this happened
Firstly, Thanks to my Tuition Teachers.
They are the ones who made Straight A's possible for me.
BM -- Mr Goey@Pusat Tuisyen Jaya Diri
BC -- 王老师@Yee's Tuition
Physics -- Mr Yeoh@Edusmart
Add Maths -- Mr.Terry Tee@Pusat Tuisyen Teliti

These teachers were awesome!!
Without them, I can't imagine which alphabet will appear on my results slip.
I use to suck in Physics.
But after going to Physics tuition in form 5, it was A that came right away.
Mr Yeoh is a really good tutor.
For BC, I never got an A in my exams, NEVER.
but I believe after our teacher revised so many times with us, we somehow improved step by step in answering for BC exam questions.
As for BM and Add Maths
I started having these tuition since form 1 and form 4.
That's why I was never left out when it comes to Add Maths.
Add Maths was my strongest subject in school, yes i did better in add maths than mod maths. 
Honestly, I neverNEVER pay attention to add maths class in school.
Having Terry's tuition is already more then enough. 
BM tuition had always been fun, Mr Goey always prepared lots of photos and videos which made learning and memorizing so much easier. 
Thanks a lot tutors, you guys proved that I didn't waste money on you guys!!

Next, My School Teachers.
Especially subjects like Maths, English and Bio which I don't have tuition.
Thanks for working so hard to educate us, to mark our books, to explain things when we don't understand.
Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your punishment on us.
and erm....because of you guys, I didn't have to spend extra money on tuition LOL =)
and Thanks for being so happy for us when we received out results.

Nextnext, my friends and classmates of course.
Especially 5BR!!
I was really glad that I was studying in 5BR's environment.
Everyone was very encouraging, helpful, hardworking and smart!
I really learned a lot from them.
Thanks to my friends who studied with me, went to the library with me, explain crazy theories to me.
And also thanks to some of my friends who shared those last minute "TIPS AND TRICKS" with me.
Trust me, those tips really did helped!!
Finally, My Family of course!!
the same old line --- "Thanks for giving me moral support"
and also financial support larr (tuition and reference books)...
I hate my parents' nagging, but I guess I should say thanks to those nagging, or else I would have been a super lazy worm....and not know what is important for me

Actually I have more people to thank
like my seniors and juniors, my cousin, my relatives....
They gave alot of support and help as well, really thank you guys!!

Oh oh, I wanna say thanks to my late Grandfather.
I asked for 10A's infront of my Grandfather's grave last year, right after spm.
And yes, he did gave me. 
I miss you a lot, thanks for taking care of me. 

And lastly, Thank God for everything.
Thanks for giving me good teachers, good friends and my awesome family.
Thanks for always guiding me even though I was tired and stress. 
Thanks for giving me a healthy body and brain.
Thanks for always reminding me that I have to work hard to get what I want.

so...*speaks in a humble way* I'm a Straight A student!!

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  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I used to be a student at Jayadiri too! Yes Mr Goey taught me BM and it was awesome. So many slide shows. Didn't have videos back then though. If you do see him again, give him a high five for me.


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