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Friday, March 04, 2011

Food Review : 甜品哥哥 Desert House @ ss2

Food Food and Food again...
I think I really like talking about food these days....
That explains why I'm growing sideways recently

Anyway, last Sun, went to SS2's 甜品哥哥 (Cant : Tim Ban Go Go)
Wanted to go 2 KTZ wan, but KTZ wasn't open T.T
since I've never tried this 甜品哥哥 before (despite being at the same road as KTZ)
We went in, only to find out why KTZ's business is still so good despite having a Huge Competitor on the same street...

Anyways, here's some of the things we ordered...

Red Bean Cake

Red Bean Soup + Black Sesame Soup

hmmm can't really remember what's this, the bottom part is actually red beans...

Almond soup

I ordered this :
Black Sesame and Almond Soup -- The Black and White

Glutinous Rice Balls coated with peanuts
It's something like MoChi

Green Bean Soup

As you can see, everything we ordered was SWEET.
We really did felt like leaving after looking through the menu coz everything is sweet.
Unlike KTZ. there's nothing savoury or any yummy snacks.
Eating all this sweet stuff only was very very......sick....
Really needed something salty and maybe HongKong Dim Sum
Yea, that's why afterall KTZ is still doing very good.

Went to WongKok too during the same weekend
I know I've done review at WongKok but I tried something new last week that I really want to share :
Energy Booster and Super Temptation (both RM8.50)
Nice Name Right??
Energy booster is a mixture of bananas and strawberry...
and Sweet Temptation, Yam and Chocolate and Vanilla!!!! (All my favourites in one!!!)

Cream Spaghetti with Bacon -- RM11.90
Sorry, the photo doesn't look very nice
But It's super yummy I tell You!! Got my fave veggies and bacon!! Gosh I love cream spaghetti!!

Random Photo : Love LoVE LOVE Starbucks!!!

kay, that was a random upload.... hehe
will have more food photos coming up actually :P

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