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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

All for One

hmmm.....let's see, what's the Top Mentioned word in college and also facebook for this week??? Intercohort Games!!
yeaps, our Student Council organized the Intercohort games for the MCKL-ians where one cohort play against another. There's a lot of games like Football, Basketball, Captain Ball, Badminton, Volleyball and Table Tennis. I'm so glad to be part of this, why?? Not only the fact that we need serious exercise after sitting and reading and studying for the past 4 months, but also to release stress and start strengthening our Beta-Bonds LOL I swear they are stronger than Sigma Bonds!

Well for me, I took part in Captain Ball which happened yesterday

It was a super fun game!! Though we lost... :(
But it really was awesome...
My teammates were Maggie, SookChing, Davinna, JiaChee, JinYun, David, ZhiKai and Brandon
and our dress code was RED, according to Maggie, ANG ANG aaaaa!!!!
Well I was very happy with our performance in both matches,
coz we definitely showed improvement.
All of us spent time practicing over the previous weekend and trust me, we were way better compare to our first friendly match with the Ausmats. It's just so great to see everyone put in effort and the results are seen. Well not the best results but still, better chemistry between us, so, OBJECTIVE IS ACHIEVED!
We lost quite badly to the Alpha, probably because we were still "sleeping".... But the second match with the Arts, we kinda "wake up" the score was pretty close (6:8 if i'm not wrong).
Well at least we didn't "makan telur" in both matches :D

Anyways, i really enjoyed. There's this really strange but awesome feeling whenever I catch a ball from my team mate or I throw the ball to them and they caught it. It's like when the ball is passed, there's this shock-like feeling that says "Yes!! I trust you and you trust me! Good job!!" :D I love all my team mates laaa....I love how we all screamed when we scored LOL The sakai-ness we have.....

Yea I guess everyone had a great time and our Facebook group was flooded with supportive comments and warm messages from our classmates. And also, we were cheering up the boys for the football match, which happened today!!
Yes, they had their word and it's not Cakap Kosong....

The boys won both matches against Alpha and Arts!!!
Seriously PRO-NESS mannn....
In the first game, the Alpha were doing a great job in defending, so it was only until the last minute we manage to score one goal!!! Then the next game, wuaaaa pro-ness everywhere, defending, attacking, tricks, head strikes, all super pro... and the score was 5-0 if i'm not wrong.... they totally nailed it man. I was so happy to be witnessing both matches, and I swear I was way much hyper than watching any other football matches...not even Arsenal's match can make me shout like that hahahahahahaha XD

Anyways, good job guys did awesome and you guys didn't practice at all??? I dunno what will happen if you guys did...

 Chindian FC LOL

Future Football Stars!!


Random :
My "Ang Ang" Shirt during Captain Ball match
LOL it's actually my brother's shirt XD

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