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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sushi Q again....

I love FOOD!

Went to Ou last saturday to post-celebrate Vince's Bday.
Wanted to eat at place like Zanmai and Sakae, but obviously, It's impossible to do that on Saturdays. Zanmai Sushi's queue is like DRAGON....then Sakae one oso, macam snake. Super a lot of people. Obviosuly, Japanese food is always a favorite choice for most people. So what to do??? We were craving for Sushi mannn, so, went to Sushi Q aka the-sushi-bar-in-the-middle-of-the-corridor LOL.

 Lobster Mayo Maki -- RM14.90
Yummiest thing. It's my favorites all-in-one. Inari + Lobster meat in mayonnaise. 

Sushi Set -- RM19.90
Totally Delicious. 
The salmon taste great!!
and the Wasabi Flower LOL

Green Tea -- RM2.50 each

Well in total we spent around 40 bucks, which is like how much I would have spent in Sakae. But actually the amount we ordered today is way way WAY too much. Took us more than an hour to finish everything. Our belly was like really stuffed. 
Anyways, I really like the sushi's and the place as well. It's not that noisy and you can observe people walking on the streets everywhere. XD

closer look...


 Yummy Salmon

Since we were so so stuffed, so we went to after dinner exercise --- Bowling!!!
I sucked but.....still I like XD

obviously is not gonna hit it...masuk longkang saja...

After 2 round of bowling...
Desert Time XD
Vince with her sundae and also showing off her just-bought unique ring from Forever 21

I Heart Oreo McFlurry!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday again Cousin!!
I know I shud have post this long ago.
And officially, you're not a TEEN anymore wuahahahahaha
hehe, all the best in everything kayz... Love You XD

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