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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Food Journal (May-June) - Part 2 Central Market (Pasar Seni)

My favorite place to study during exam period was Kuala Lumpur Memorial Library
which is right beside the Merdeka Square
went there almost everyday during exam times, and Central Marker is just around the corner, so to save time, me and my friends always walk there to have our lunch...
and here's some of the food that I tried so far...

Most of the food were from Central Market's Food Court
that's like the place where I get to try all kinds of unique food, I think most originated from Malay tradition..
and most of them taste really good! and yes that's when I will feel like Malaysia is such an awesome country with all kinds of people and all kinds of food!

First up, Prawn Bihun

This one is from the stall that sells drinks...i remember it's called Kopitiam 
well, a bit disappointed, the soup does not have much taste, probably didn't put enough prawns...
the bihun was okay, everything was so-so only...
Nothing much...
cost around RM6

 Buttermilk Fish and rice
from Western food Stall 
Thumbs up for this one, see the portion is actually quite big! and the taste is not bad, smooth and creamy, not too fatty-oily. comes with a soup.
cost around RM10

Mee bakso
something very very new to me...
I googled it, and it seems to be like a Malay/Indonesia Food 
this is really not bad weih!!! See the pieces? they are actually meat balls...huge meat ball cut into pieces. There's small meat balls as well.
I'm not sure what exactly they add into the meat ball, but the texture was okay, slightly harder than chinese meatballs...very chewy and quite salty.. Good thing that it's served with plain noodles in meatball soup, so it's not too heavy. Plus lots of spring onions, nice ahhh!!!
Cost around RM6

Mee Rebus 
full of peanut taste!!!! i think they used onions for the gravy, so there's a bit of sweetness, goes well with the noodles and tofu...
but this one is abit too salty...just abit larr...
still love the think peanut-ful gravy
cost around RM6 as well

Kaya and Butter Toast from Kopitiam
well, okay lorr....nothing special hehe...instead,
the Teh on the right was better LOL

 Turkish Ice Cream - Chocolate + Durian
cost around RM5
Thanks to sheauwen.
This is something new as well, this is like a more chewy ice cream, u can see the texture is more sticky....
and yes i googled it, it has resistance to melting, which explains the stickiness
The taste is quite good, just like ice cream....durian-choco flavor is quite a good combination actually LOL

Black Pepper Lekor
yes this is one of the best things!!
Love the sauce they put on it, there's ketchup, mayonnaise, and i think the mayonnaise has something sour, probably vinegar....really good combination, plus the lekor itself has black pepper taste...everything goes well! and lekor is crunchy on the outside. and I like that it's bite-sized instead of the long rectangular ones...should try this out!

Central Market Food Court
Mezanine Floor
Jalan Hang Kasturi
Kuala Lumpur

I'm so sorry that I couldn't remember the price for all the food above...but what I can say is
the Food Court's food is actually slightly expensive than usual, probably because it's a tourist spot.
The snacks at Kasturi Walk are less expensive. Hope to go there again :D
oh oh, i must mention this, the food taste good, but honestly I think some of them have flavorings like MSG in it or probably high salt content, coz i felt thirsty after the food. Just my thought anyway.

anyways, here some photos taken when I went to KL Library
Photo credits to Sheauwen 

Photo Credits to Sheauwen

@ central market 

Visited the Textile Musuem as well, which is very near to the Library  

The Victorian Fountain @ Merdeka Square

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