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Monday, July 23, 2012

Roti Jala and Asam Laksa @ HoHoSek SS2

I know this place is definitely not new, but it certainly didn't cross our minds before when it comes to deciding on where to eat. But just a few weeks ago, mommy's friend brought some Roti Jala to my house, and yes my whole family fell in love with it after trying it. 

Roti Jala - RM 5
The curry is yummy! Not too spicy, but still full of flavors. Even the chicken is tender and yummy.
The best part is the roti jala's soft with a very mild taste, so yea it goes very well with the curry.
well I remember this cost around RM5 and yes it's kinda expensive for a food with Roti named with it, but it's very filling, quite worth it lar...

tried their Asam Laksa too, cost RM5.00, small one
Love this asam laksa weih, the soup is just nice!
sour, but with the sweetness of fish and onions
even the pineapples are sweet!
The noodles, well cooked, not too hard. There's quite a lot of fish and the fish taste good!
The best part is that, unlike the pasar malam ones, there's no fishy smell (腥味). which i really really like!

Oh I should mention the pohpiah as well.
I'm quite sure that the Pohpiah stall is still the same stall as the previous Mee Yoke Lim
Still so delicious hehe

Anyways, the environment is good, air conditioned, with wi-fi, the exterior looks good, with full length glass exterior, and two floors summore. Got huge TV also, you can watch football at night...

Restaurant Ho Ho Sek
No.157, Jalan SS2/6
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-7877 7745

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