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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas is coming!!

Time to share some Holiday Season photos before it's too late haha..
Singapore has always been well known for their beautiful and mesmerizing Christmas Lights and Decoration. It's sad to say that I didn't get a chance to head down to Orchard to see them...But amazingly, Xmas is almost everywhere! It doesn't take much effort for you to feel the joyful atmosphere.

Photo credits to Yvonne and LiMin



City Square Mall

my dearest girls...
never get sick of saying thank you to u girls for coming into my life at this phase!

owh they have this pandas outside of JEM
n there's a security guard that stands there at stares at whoever who went close to the pands
like seriously?? treat them like 国宝?!!!??

Christmas again...
can't believe how time flies
it's been a rather crazy year for me...
I was still a UTAR student in the beginning of the year
stay in a house with awesome roomie n housemates, goes to class with my lovely GE gang
at night can have supper at Mamak and chat non stop about our lives until 5am
assignments come and we'll sit down and discuss while having fun...
then I'll go home every weekend
do some housechores, listen to all the nagging by my mom, watch how my parents fight, sing k-pop songs with my brother, watch TV while lying on the sofa like a boss...
and then in may, I went to a scholarship that changed the whole course of my life...

then, I sort of lost track of how things change...
I had to prepare all the documents, fill up forms, pack up
meet up with friends...
and ta-dah I'm in NTU

It's amazing how now only I realize what studying in NTU means to my whole life
of course, I'm not saying I don't like the outcome, but it's just...overwhelming to realize that...I'll be away from home for at least 7 years...

Once i realized that, for some reason, I have lots of fears in my head...
I see myself losing a lot of things, important ones...
It felt like I didn't want to know what is going to happen in the future...

But luckily, I'm not alone in this journey
God is with me. 
Thanks to Him, I met many awesome people, experienced a lot more from what I expected...
There are times where I felt down but it won't take long before you realize You are the only person who can decide how the 7 years will be. 
Just wanna say, I'm really grateful for what I have now.
The fact that I can study in a foreign country, while my parents and family are also living a healthy and joyful life. 
The fact that I have loads of work to do but still Skype with my parents.
The fact that I have to study almost every weekend but have friends to accompany me.
The fact that I can stay in my room without feeling lonely or helpless. (Trust me this one is the most important thing to me) 

Life's Good :D

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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