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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Modern Revelation @ Taman Molek

oh yes, so glad to be blogging about food again hehe....
but the following posts will be food from JB
my second home haha..

so I spent a couple of days in JB after my exams ended
thanks to the courtesy of my cousins, I managed to go to many awesome cafes and restaurant...
more like cafe hopping actually
anyways, to start off..
we have...
Steamboat Lunch at Modern Revelation 现代启示录 @ Taman Molek

yeap we had heaty steamboat for lunch!
thanks to the non-stop raining weather...
Steamboat is definitely what you need to warm yourself up in this wet and chilly season

btw, there's two floors to this restaurant
the first floor is a BBQ restaurant
while the 2nd floor is Steamboat
initially we wanted to have BBQ but accidentally went up to the steamboat floor LOL

Here's what we ordered...
1. Australian Beef Set - RM28
2. Seafood Set - RM28
3 Pork Belly Slices - RM15
The sets include one pot of soup of your choice, assortment of veggies and glassnoodles 冬粉.
The pork belly is on the ala carte menu. 

Their bestselling Miso Soup
not bad! very rich and sweet flavor and it goes well with all the ingredients...
suitable for kids and people who can't take spicy food

Sichuan Spicy 麻辣 soup
sorry I don't have a solo photo for the soup haha
but as u can see, check out the super red color
for some reason the soup wasn't really spicy at first
we added lots of chili oil and chili paste (from the sauces counter)
finally 自作自受, spicy like hell haha
our lips burning edi and our drinks finished in seconds haha
but I really do think spicy soup base are best for steamboat
to enhance the flavor of the ingredients hehe

Beef set
complete with loads of veggies, egg and glass noodles
me love the glass noodles a lot! it absorbs all the awesome spicy soup
thumbs up!

closer look at the beef slices
easily overcooked, so it gets really hard
really need to be careful of how long you cook it haha...

Seafood set with prawns, scallop, squid and fish fillet
Love the fresh prawns and scallops
Chewy with some crunchyness

the seafood set also includes this Fish Paste
which you can make them into fish balls hehe..
really like the fish paste, very sweet and chewy 

Pork Belly Slices
the must have for any steamboat! super yummy, the tender meat together with little bit of fatty layer...

 can u see, how our lips look so damn full n big here?

conclusion: not very bad larr....but I do hope they give more meat hehe...

Modern Revelation
44, Jalan Molek 2/3,
Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: 07-352 1803
Check out their website for other locations

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