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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ramen Play & Hatched @ Holland Village + CHIJMES + Gardens by the bay

Day out with my college buddy Sheauwen at Holland Village :D
It was great to chat with her and talk about our lives in Singapore hehe...
This girl never fail to make me laugh haha..

Had lunch at Ramen Play
I realize there's a lot of ramen shops in Singapore! finally it's time to try out one hehe

Tonkatsu Ramen
The soup is quite nice, strong flavor..
but the Char Siew abit disappointing, it's not bad, just lack of flavor...
and the texture is kinda rough...

Miso Corn Ramen

Nice ambience anyway, quiet place to enjoy your bowl of ramen soup hehe

Ramen Play
253 Holland Ave #01-01
(next to Starbucks)
Singapore 278982
Tel: 6463 7277
Check out their website for the full list of RamenPlay outlets 

Next, we decided to hang out at a cafe to spend the rest of our afternoon
Hatched@Holland V
A cafe specialized in eggs!!
too bad we were too full to take in any of their main dishes
will definitely revisit this shop one day...

anyhow, the shop has a very light and cosy atmosphere, great for friends to have catch-up sessions

Cheesy Fries -- SGD12.00
Not your KFC cheesy wedges haha..
this one has a light cheese taste and the japalenos balance off the heavy cheese and fries combination
The bacon bits adds a little bit more flavor to the fries...
Not bad lerr!!
anyways see the pepper and salt shakers beside!

Mocha -- SGD5.00
the all time favorite hehe
erm not very smooth but I do love the balance between the chocolate and coffee...
Latte art looks pretty hehe

Sheauwen ordered an Iced Caramel Latte -- SGD7.00

Hatched @ Holland Village
267 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278989
+65 6463 001
Go to Hatched's website to see the location of another outlet

After our chit chat session at Holland Village, we decided to explore around marina bay area...
and somehow, after some blind walking haha...we arrived at CHIJMES!
gosh the one place that made me feel like I'm out of Singapore haha
it's an ancient church, restored to be a dining and entertainment hub!
Many restaurants inside and you can dine in a rather Europe-ish setting!
there's also a banquet hall, where we saw newlyweds had their wedding reception and photoshoot...

there's a really pretty courtyard...
if this were to be my house *dreaming* 

and we moved on to explore the beautiful views around Marina Bay

too bad I didn't have my camera with me...
I used my super super super terrible ancient camera...
so sorry the photos r nt exactly pretty
will definitely go there and take pretty photos soon!
btw photo credits to Sheauwen :)

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