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Monday, June 09, 2014

Movie Review of Maleficient

This movie will change how you read your Disney Classics, forever...

Have you ever wondered why on earth does Maleficent feel so offended when she wasn't invited to Aurora's royal christening? Out of the whole wide world, out of all Kingdoms, why King Stefan's daughter? How the hell did Aurora grew up nicely with fairies who can't do house chores? True love from a person who only met you once? This movie certainly explains the questions that arose in your head when you're old enough to question this classic fairy tale.

The movie tells you the Maleficent side of Sleeping Beauty story. How the evil started to takeover her. You get to know Maleficent's past, her own fairy-tale, her sad story and the twisted fate between her and her first love. She was once a beautiful and kind fairy, after the betrayal of humans, she turned her world into a dark state. Filled with hatred and revenge, she indulges in evil and goes on to curse a princess. And the beautiful yet twisted story between Maleficent and Aurora goes on...

Angelina Jolie as the great villain Maleficent
Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora 

My Thoughts:
hmmm there's quite a lot of aspects to talk about. On first impression, I thought the whole story was cool!! But when I started to match it with the original story, I was kinda torn between both stories. If you try to fit this movie into Sleeping Beauty, it pretty much ruins most of the best parts about fairy-tale, coz you're villain is not a villain, and your true love is not your true love! (watch and you'll know why) So yea, you really have to treat this movie as a whole new different movie, or else the storyline makes not much sense, coz Maleficent is like Aurora's Dad's Ex-lover. hmmmmm.......
Well certainly the movie was good at trying to give Maleficent more dimensions about her character, by explaining about how she was a kind fairy and how she had a painful past, her weakness, her vengeance. 

Okay so now let's imagine this is a whole new movie, you'll love Maleficent's character for sure. I love how she's being portrayed as being wicked instead of just evil. She has her wits and principles that she believe in. And I love how she had the funny and mischievous side. Angelina Jolie certainly did a great job, making Maleficent such a charming villain. Yes you'll adore the evilness in her. Besides that, graphics were awesome, the dreamlike Moors with all the Disney-fied adorable creatures. Story, heartwarming though abit cliche, but certainly gives you the other ending that you secretly craved for.  Oh, Elle Fanning is beautiful, she's nothing close to the Aurora we see in our story books, but the way she acts, it's the lively, happy and kind young princess that the story books cannot show entirely. Love her smile. 

one of my favorite scenes
cute young little Aurora meeting Maleficent
I just found out that the little girl is actually Angelina's daughter!! How sweet is that. 

This scene where she appear at Aurora's royal christening, will definitely be the favorite of favorites
Mesmerized by her wickedness and evil-smile. 

Overall, hmmm, it's really difficult for me to say whether it's nice. But if you treat this as a movie of itself, it's actually a really good movie. Rating: 6.5/10

Watched this movie at GSC 1u with the secondary school buddies. We went in at 8pm LOL
Guess we missed some of the parts. 

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