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Sunday, June 15, 2014

+Wondermilk @ Damansara Utama

Back to PJ and these two girls decided to pay me a visit, all the way from Sg Long hehe
Was thinking of where to take them for teatime, and that's when I realize the booming coffee scene in PJ, especially uptown. There's at least one coffee shop along each street. Wanted to try out Ecole P, but they are not open in the afternoon, so we decided to go to the coffee shop/bakery that has existed way before the cafe boom kicks in...

+Wondermilk @ Damansara Utama

I did a post about their cupcakes before. Their cupcakes are kind of like the local symbol, think cupcake, think Wondermilk. It's my first time visiting their cafe, and to my delight, the place is so pretty, the food and coffee is nice and the price is actually quite affordable if you compare it to the recent specialty coffee shops. Once you stepped inside, it feels abit like you entered a quiet yet joyful space, most of the customers there are girls, hanging out, chit-chatting, laughing. 3 of us were no much different than the others maybe a little bit louder?    Love the vintage setting, with mismatched chairs and comfy couches. The walls are decorated with lots of photos and ornaments. Very girly I must say. Sorry guys. 

The ladies of the day...
Jingwen and Kaixin
btw u notice a black milk can on the right? It's actually a real milk can, but they paste it with number to act as order no for your food LOL

Caffeine fix for the day
I had a Latte -- RM7.00
taste great without sugar, it's not bitter at all and has quite a strong milky taste. 

Kaixin's Cappucino -- RM7.00

And here come's the highlight of Wondermilk, cupcakes!!!
RM17.00 for 4 pcs
Clockwise from the colorful one (on the left)
Super Rainbow -- Rainbow cake with butter cream icing
John Lemon -- Lemon cupcake with lemon butter cream
Oh-my-Choc -- Choc Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache
Apple of my Eye -- Apple Pie Jam on top
My favorite: John Lemon and Oh-my-Choc

Chicken and Cheese Baked Potato -- RM8.90
Kaixin ordered this after seeing another person who was having it. Smart girl, this is really delicious. So much flavors, mayonnaise, cheese, pepper and salt but it does not taste heavy. Potatoes are mushy and sweet. Love this savory treat.

Warning: You cannot leave without taking a few photos

Had a really great time with my girls over there, talked about lots of funny stuffs.Especially uni matters haha, haizzz how I wish I could still be with them.

39 and 41, Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 603-77258930

Go to their website to see the location of other outlets, as well as their FULL MENU!!!!

After that, went to The Curve for window shopping and jalan-jalan

owhh yeahhh I love walking along The Street when there's no market
Looks so pretty with the lights

haha selcas again

wrapped up our outing with one buck ice cream at IKEA hehe
thanks so much girls for coming all the way
Really feel so happy talking to you guys. Love you guys loads!!
Hope you guys enjoy and all the best for this semester!! Chiong arr!!

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