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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The JB Cafe Hop: The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee @ Mount Austin

Drum rolls please, here comes my favorite cafe from the JB Cafe Hop series.
The one of a kind, extraordinary, chic and sophisticated....

The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee @ Mount Austin

Just like the name suggests, it's a coffee shop nested in a factory yard. Erm that doesn't sound exactly correct, from how it looks from the inside and outside, the equipment, and from the way they serve their coffee, Coffee Factory seems to be the more appropriate noun for this coffee spot. From the outside, it really does look like any other factory, steel wired gates, roller shutter, with large barrels and giant wooden spools. Once inside, the place has a very strong sense of industrial style, the high ceilings, dim lighting, copper, steel and wood which are slightly stained. At the same time, the coffee identity is also prominent, large coffee bean bags hanging off the ceiling, exhibits of coffee bean grinders and roasters and there's a V shape coffee bar.

The Factory 30 三十号工厂

Bean Bags on top, orange pipes 
Sorry my photos didn't to justice to how cool the place looks
Once you open the door, it felt like you're at a secret hideout. Coffee aroma lingers in the air, chattering by the crowd, and also the droning sound of the coffee machine. 

By the way it was crowded!!! We went there around 9pm (it was a Saturday) and the place was completely occupied. Had to wait for like 20 minutes before we got a seat. I suggest you guys to go during weekdays so that it won't be that crowded and you guys can actually pick a seat at the 1st floor, which gives you a beautiful view of the whole factory and extra-coziness. 

Our cake arrived first:

Strawberry Yogurt Cake -- RM9.90
quite nice, creamy texture and mild strawberry taste. Nothing special though.
We wanted to order their signature Tofu Cheesecake but unfortunately it was sold out.  

My Latte -- RM 10.00
nice daoooo!!!!! I'm no pro taster but u can hardly miss the aromatic scent of both coffee and milk. The foam is like really smooth and it actually had sort of a mild sweet aftertaste. And of course, the beautiful latte art of a swan. 

Green Tea Latte -- RM11.90
super strong matcha flavor but it wasn't bitter though. Nice balance with the milk.

Hot Mocha -- RM10.00
very smooth, mild bitter taste from cocoa and coffee. 

And here comes the highlight for the night hehe....
Affogato Luxurious -- RM 12.00
Aromatic Espresso and Cold ice cream, followed by a drizzle of hot alcohol and also cornflake bits.
This is way too awesome!! It's actually cold but it sends an instant wave of heat down your spine when you taste it. Bittersweet, with added crunchy texture and also rich scent of alcohol. Delicious dessert. 
The alcohol was warmed in front of us and poured into the glass, instantly creating a bright flame around the rim of the glass. LOL Nice show.    

See behind, they actually showcased their coffee equipment, including their coffee roasters. 

At the washroom, which is totally industrial styled. Thumbs up for the shiny metal basin. 

exterior: a sliding gate, with containers behind and wooden spools. 

JWC -- Jia Wen Choong :P
Another highlight of the interior, the super-sized JWC with vintage lights against the red brick walls.
Took a photo just because those are my initials!! *feelsoproud* haha

JWC The Factory 30
30, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/3
Taman Mount Austin
Johor Bahru

Operating hours: 2pm to 12am (yeap, definitely a place for the long yumcha-chitchat session)

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