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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ambush at JEM

Another night out with the "relative" Sheauwen!
Or I should say, another post-exam foodie night out?
Before exam, very stress, eat more to release stress...
After exam, stress all gone, too happy, happy then bigger appetite, eat more food...
before you know it, it's "Before exam" period again....
yeap, It's a vicious cycle. Tested and Proven.

Okay enough with nonsense, had a nice dinner at Ambush @Jem
The interior of the restaurant caught my eye at first, it has a very classic chic interior. I think girls would like it.
Plus the menu offers quite a wide range of western delight as well. Prices, quite affordable. But it still goes to my occasional splurge category.

Top: Fusilli Salmone - SGD15.20
idiot me, I forgot to take a photo of Fusilli Salmone
It's delicious! I like the pasta more than the pan-seared salmon
Love the tomato sauce with lots of garlic
Sweet and sour, very refreshing tomato flavor and not too heavy. 

I forgot the name of this pasta
should be some Penne with smoked bacon slices
it might look similar to the Fusilli Salmone but the tomato base taste different
more towards saltier flavor. 

Soup of the day -- Minestrone Soup
Love this, at first I kind regret ordering this coz it's tomato again :(
but once you tried, it's a very nice veggie soup
Has the sweetness from all the veggies while the tomato's sourness makes it very appetizing. 
And I love how there's loads of veggie chunks in the soup! Thumbs up!

Fizzy Peach 
To get this drink and also Soup of the day, you only need to top-up SGD5.50 above the pasta
I think the soup is good, so yea, it's worth it. 

Affogato -- SGD6.90
Love the espresso, but the icecream could have been better
a smoother one maybe? 

Finally meeting with this woman after some time.
Seldom contact her during the last semester coz I just suck in time management
Glad that she's able to meet up with me and I knew this girl would brought something with her haha Thanks for the birthday gift! Really appreciate it.

A photo with closer look at Fuselli Salmone

Would recommend my friends to visit Ambush. The quality is actually quite good given the affordable price and also its more unique, not-your-usual-pasta flavor. The menu actually has more variety aside from pasta, will visit here again when I have my occasional-splurge-fund. 

Ambush @ JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road, 608549.

Tel: 66940895
Go to Ambush's fb page to check out the locations of other Ambush outlets. 

Shopped around JEM!

Tomorrow's xmas eve! Well sorry to say, I didn't really prepare much for this Christmas. I'll just do whatever I can to spend time with the family. After all, Christmas is really the time to be grateful of what God has given to us, the happiness from the inside and out, and hopefully spread the joy to others. I'm grateful of what I have now, family, friends, memories....and that's the best Christmas I could ask for. So yeap, Christmas gets better every year!

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