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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Race ON Day: Nana's Green Tea and Manhattan Fish Market

This day deserves a post to themselves even though it's long time ago haha...
This was around the final week of September, and it's the beginning of recess week!
Decided to take part in the annual NTUC Income RaceON
which is sort of like Amazing Race in Singapore's City Center
It was fun to explore different places on feet and we were given interesting and sometimes ridiculous tasks to complete
We knew we can't win, but it's a great sport afterall, to combine sightseeing and walking
Here's some of the moments...

Fave photo of the day
Some tunnel near Fort Canning
I know this tunnel may not look interesting at all
but we discovered it by chance 
and the moment we walked into it, it's actually a very beautiful, calm and peaceful walkway
There were people doing photoshoot
and it's for some Cosplay character I guess haha
kinda scared the hell outta me at first sight coz I wasn't expecting to see a guy in pink robe with eyelashes and long hair.

On the way
Everyone looking super cui 

Photo with fellow MSA team at Esplanade
can see MBS behind?

Our game king
Kinchong pretty much aced through the tasks given
and as you can see, we really don't have to do much and we can still selfie while he's sweating off to clear this task
This pencil task was the hardest for us. TT.TT

At the beautiful Helix bridge near MBS!
It was my first time walking through the bridge
and I truly love the architecture idea,

Infront of the museum

At the peaceful and welcoming Fort Canning
I thought that place was kinda creepy coz it's graveyard everywhere haha
but you can't help but to admire the wide grassland, the ancient stones and the natural surroundings

After our mini exploration from SMU to Fort Canning. we found ourselves just few hundred meters away from Plaza Singapura
(Yes Singapore City is actually smaller than you think)
And so we decided to kill time and enjoy some sweet treats.
(Plaza Singapura seems to be very 有缘 with CPs haha)

Nana's Green Tea @ Plaza Singapura
You can hardly miss this dessert cafe with many golden frames surrounding the place.
When Nana's Green Tea first came to Malaysia, it pretty much created a buzz as I saw many people who shared the delicious-looking green tea parfait. Green tea really is becoming a favorite for many people now... I'm one of them....and Nana's Green Tea hit the right spot to be specializing in green tea desserts :D 

Matcha Shiratama Parfait SGD11.80
Signature dessert
If you're a greentea lover, you'll be able to appreciate the awesomeness of greentea together with all the other ingredients with different taste and textures like corn flakes, mochi and redbean paste. 

"Hojicha" Roasted Green Tea Latte -- SGD 6.50
Very rich tea scent, and it's slightly bitter. But the scent lingers and it's very refreshing.  

Matcha with Mochi Float -- SGD 8.50
Jam-packed Matcha Goodness

"AZUKI" Red Bean Paste Latte -- SGD 6.50
Very sweet, but in a natural taste, surprised by how light and refreshing it is.

We were just chilling out (okay we ended up dozing off somewhere coz we're too tired) 
and chit-chatting about nonsense and also how we could have won in the Race haha
As time pass, it's time for dinner! and it's with the whole CP team woohoo

Head towards Star Vista at Buona Vista 
and we did a mini-photoshoot to kill time haha...
The following 3 photos belong to Tekwui Tan aka our Photographer heheh :D

oh myyyyy, I didn't know my hair was thattttt longggggg TT.TT 

Dinner time! 
Thanks to Wanqi, we got to indulge in Seafood at Manhattan Fish Market
I don't know exactly what she ordered, but here are the pics
Personally like the fish and chip  A LOT!!

The Fish and Chps! 
Crunchy batter with thick fillet
the sauce is both sweet and sour with a tinge of spice
goes well with the crunchy chips
Love it!

Good food to relieve our stress after half a semester's torture. What else can I ask for?

More food stuff coming up!!

Nana's Green Tea
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 66844312

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