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Monday, January 02, 2017

Batam Trip! My first ever travelogue on Youtube

Hey all, Happy New Year! Just wanna share a travelogue of my trip to Batam, Indonesia 2 weeks ago. Batam has always been my list of to-do things ever since I started studying in SG. I remember saying "let's go batam" for N times but nothing was ever done. Only in the final year that we have time for this haha.

It's a short getaway after our finals, 2 days 1 night with good food, massage and good beds to sleep on, which is the most important thing haha.

Enjoy the video!

Since transportation in Batam is one of our main concern, we've decided to book a tour where transportation for place to place will be covered. Plus the tour guide allowed us to arrange our itinerary. However they did slot in tours to some local stores, but it wasn't that bad, just 3 stores if I remember correctly. Here's what's included:

1. Three meals: Seafood Lunch, Seafood Dinner, Buffet Breakfast
2. 60 minutes massage at Viva 89 Spa
3. Stay at Batam View Resort (beach resort with golf and pool)
4. Return Ferry Tickets from Harbourfront to Batam Centre Terminal (It's the comfy type of seats)
5. Private tour guide service on Day 1
6. Ferry Terminal transfer from resort on Day 2

All these for S$142 per pax, pretty good deal I suppose. Adding on to the additional expenses (shopping + 2 meals + tipping), total damage was around S$170

Here's our Day 1 tour itinerary:
Harbourfront -- Batam Ferry Terminal -- Breakfast at Morning Bakery -- Layer Cake Factory (free sampling of one small box) -- Two local stores (not worth mentioning) -- Seafood Lunch at LOVE Seafood -- Massage -- Shopping at BCS Mall -- Check in at Resort (we asked for a takeaway dinner and had it in our room)

Day 2 was just exploring the beach and outdoors.

Here's some of my thoughts for the trip:

Food: Gotta say I'm very happy with the meals. 

A local kind of breakfast, seafood lunch and dinner, and a breakfast with wide variety of delicious treats!! I don't have photos of our dinner, but it was really good. Should have asked the tour guide for its address. There were crabs, fish fillets, chicken, a super aromatic Tom Yam soup and more. For the buffet breakfast, the hotel does serve a wide range of food, both western and local, there's like 6 types of bread to start with haha. Having breakfast within a comfy ambience, exactly how a vacation should be haha.

Really Recommend this Laksa from Morning Bakery
I know it looks not exactly appetizing, but it taste really good. The laksa is less thick than usual laksa, it's abit like a combo of chicken soup + curry. Plus the chewy noodles captures all the gravy, super yummy. 

Morning Bakery is a family-friendly cafe that has both a bakery and also sells local dishes. There's Bingsu as well LOL. Prices are reasonable. We had Lontong, Laksa and Rojak. Rojak is worth trying as well, the peanut sauce taste very very different from what we have in Malaysia, super thick and fragrant. 

Morning Bakery
Jl. Rasamala-Batamindo Indurty Park, 
Kabil, Nongsa, Kota Batam, 
Kepulauan Riau 29433, Indonesia

Our Lunch!! All these for 6 person! Fish, Scallops, Prawns, Squid, Crabs and that snail-like thing which I don't know its name haha. But the only disappointing thing is that they prepared the food too early and all the dishes turned cold. Personal favorite is the scallop and the snail-like thing. 

Seafood aside, we got to enjoy lunch with this peaceful seaview. 

It's quite an ulu place I believe, we got to enjoy some really serene countryside scenery while we were on our way to the restaurant. 

LOVE Seafood 
Kampung Tua RT. 02 / RW. 10, 
Tanjung Piayu, Sei Beduk, Kabil, 
Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Shop: Cheap cheap Tim Tam and Laurier

I swear I was totally wrong to not bring more money for this trip. Seriously did not expect snacks and sanitary pads to be THIS cheap, is like half the price of what I pay in MY or SG. Our tour guide was right, we should've just borong (wholesale) all the sanitary pads haha. Btw we bought all these at BCS Mall's JC Supermarket. It is much cheaper over here than the Batam Centre Mega Mall (at Ferry Terminal).
Our 战利品, Our treasures haha 

Stay: Next, our accomodation at Batam View Resort!

Seriously I wasn't expecting anything too comfy. I can't remember when was the last time I slept on such comfy beds with double blankets and many fat pillows haha. Rooms have fridge, kettle and a selection of TV channels and not to forget fresh towels and complimentary soaps and shampoo haha (Cheap Aunty soul). The first photo shows the view from our room. The resort has a wide range of facilities as well, there's an elegant lobby, with their own lounge and restaurants. The swimming pool is pretty big, and there's literally a poolside bar. 

TRUE STORY: The bed was so comfy that I couldn't fall asleep on my hostel bed on the next night. 

The swimming pool that remains open at night. 

Plenty of recliners for us to sit back and relax

There's a mini playground for kids (and adult) as well :) 

The beach is just a short distance away from the resort, well just a pretty small stretch. Well don't expect emerald waters and powdery sand. It's not a very clean one as well. But oh well, I just need some sun and sea haha. 

Our failed group photo haha, the monopod photobombed. 

Glad to be wrapping up my sem 2 with this trip with my favorite girls. Final sem is coming, abit sad but I'm looking forward to our grad trip! Happy New Year 2017


Love Nuffnang


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