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Sunday, January 01, 2017

One Resolution: Live Happily

I see people posting throwbacks of their previous year and also their new year resolutions for the new year. Makes perfect sense to do those since it's the year's end, and we should always hope for good things to happen in future. But this is when I realize, I have live long enough, to stop listing weight loss and save money as new year resolutions, but instead there's only one thing I wish, live happily. Very general I know, but I suppose in life, it is usually the things out of the list that makes life more colorful. 2016 was a pretty good example in my case haha.

Well in summary, this is a year of learning things that you can't find on textbooks, a year of realizing who stays and who goes, a year of transition from student to working-adult-to-be. The year began with me saying Goodbye to my precious memories and friendships in Taiwan. Coming back to my most loved family and friends, the distance does make the heart grow fonder. Then there's mundane classes, complicated with the stressful search for internship. And this year, I started working part time in school, thought my bank balance will go up but I'm just a total failure in saving money haha. End of the semester, bid farewell to some of my closest seniors, who have been very kind to me. Internship was definitely the best thing that happened this year, no regrets. Initially I felt like a fish out of the water, but I got to explore the earth's ecosystem at least, I guess I went back to the sea with better gills and fins? I'm grateful of the mistakes I've made, and the people who corrected me. Then there's the beginning of final academic year. Not as hectic, still get to meet up with friends every now and then, and our conversations weren't about school or CCA, but were always centered around the word "future".  I had many doubts and fears about that as well, but God has been kind to me. Continued to learn Korean, joined a case challenge for the first time as well. And there's FYP, which I kinda dread at first, but it has been a very fun experience, thanks to my two zai teammates. Thanks for guiding the blur-blur me, and I really appreciate our chit-chat sessions. FYP is something to look forward to thanks to you two!

And this year, I'm grateful that I get to meet up more with my maternal grandma, feels good to be with family. Feeling extremely grateful whenever I can go to JB to visit my cousins, aunty and uncles. Anyways, most importantly, I'm grateful of such a fruitful year, while my family stays healthy :) Thank God!!

Happy New Year people! Appreciate and be happy!

Ok I admit, I've transformed from 自恋 to super 自恋 this year :P 

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