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Friday, January 06, 2017

Lady M @Orchard Central and The Sushi Bar @Takashimaya

Visited Orchard Road several times in the previous month to check out the Christmas Illuminations. Awesome night outs with some delicious treats with the dear friends. Here's some recent food finds to share with you guys!

1. Lady M @ Orchard Central 

Lady M is no new name to locals, this outlet at Orchard Central have always caught my eye whenever I visit Orchard Road in the past. I like how it has floor length windows which gives a view of the bustling and happening Orchard Road, while you can sit back and enjoy yummy mille crepe with your friends. Honestly, I don't shop at Orchard malls, so a place like THIS, would be perfect for a day out with friends. 

Green Tea Mille Crepe -- S$9.00
Love this version of Green Tea desert. I don't like it when the Green Tea is too strong and ends up giving a bittery taste. But this one is just nice, with the mild scent of matcha, the creme was surprisingly light and not too sweet. 

Signature Mille Crepe -- S$9.00
Love this as well! It's one of those very simple yet satisfying cream flavor, so sinful but just can't resist haha. Usually I couldn't finish half a mille crepe, but these two, we were able to sweep all without feeling sick. 

Latte -- S$6.00
Earl Grey Lavender -- S$6.00

Lady M 
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central
#01-27 & #02-07
Singapore 238896
Business hours: 11am to 10pm

2. The Sushi Bar at Ngee Ann City

At the rather quiet corner of Ngee Ann City is this Japanese restaurant where you'll see almost every table has a plate of sashimi. Gotta say this is not your usual sushi bar, forget the usual salmon nigiri or oyako don, the menu has many interesting dishes. I guess sashimi or aburi seems to be the main star, there's literally a sushi bar, with all the fresh looking sashimi cuts on display. It's abit pricey though, but not disappointing at least. 

dinner date of the day, it's been so long since we have a proper catch up. Finally, a meal without talking about work!

Scallop Mentaiyaki -- S$14.90
Mentai can never go wrong, this is so good hahahaha. Slippery and slightly chewy scallop, seasoned with the delicious and slightly burnt taste of mentai sauce. Like like like!

Aburi Salmon Don -- S$22.90
It's like a more satisfying version of aburi salmon sushi. More salmon strips and you can load a mouthful of vinegar rice into your mouth hehe. 

Dragon Roll -- S$25.90
I'm a fan of maki rolls with crunchy filling. This is tasty, with buttery avocado and mayonaisse, together with the crunchy shrimp. Nice!

The Sushi Bar 
391B Orchard Road, 
#05-34/35, Ngee Ann City, 
Singapore 238874
Business hours: 11.30am to 9.45pm 

3. Haidilao Hotpot 海底捞 at 313 @Somerset

Just a short review, finally get to try the much raved haidilao hotpot that has attracted long waiting lines. I've heard they have the best service but turns out, I feel extremely uncomfortable because of this "best service" haha, really not use to it. But gotta say the staffs are very very friendly and it really does give a better dining experience. Love the wide range of sauces, I personally love the mushroom sauce hehe. The soup were great too, personally prefer the tomato soup base over the mushroom one. Three of us spent around S$120 which includes one serving of pork belly and one serving of black pork, plus some veggies, mushrooms, fish paste, deep fried fish skin. And also, we ordered three servings of the House Made Noodles, which comes with a live noodle making show LOL. We were stuffed when we left.  

And that's my dear UTAR unimate who came to SG to visit us. 

Haidilao Hotpot
#04-23/24 313@SOMERSET,
Singapore 238895
Business Hours: 10.30am to 6am
For more Haidilao Outlets:

Okay food done, sharing some of our fun(ny) moments haha. 

At the VS store, all those pink glam and glitz that caught our eyes haha 

Checking out the Christmas Illumination :) 

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