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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Part Two : Sunway Lagoon Nite Park!! Now Free Admission.... Great Experience weih!!

Went to Sunway Lagoon after dinner @ Sushi Zanmai and some shopping in the Pyramid....
Let me tell u and don't be surprise...
This is my first time in Sunway Lagoon
I know I had been a PJ-ian for 16 yrs
but still, I never stepped my foot on that place before...
The moment I saw the ad for the Nite Park with Free Admission..
I told myself I must come in and take a look =)
And OMG, that place was so beautiful.....
better than Genting...
but Freaking Hot....cannot tahan the heat...


1. Only the Dry Park is Opened (including Scream Park)
2. It's on Pay Per Ride Basis, RM5 for Family Rides ; RM8 for Thrilling Rides
3. The Free Admission Period ends on the 3rd of January (which is this weekend)
4. Not all rides are on service...

On Our Way to Sunway Lagoon!!

Bottled Christmas Tree by Heineken

Hotel Saloon?? Dare to go in??

Beautiful Fountain and Christmas Tree
@ The Entrance


And here we are =)

Like many pairs of eyes without irises...

Can you see a tiger??
Forget bout it.... You can't see =)

The Wild Wild West Area...
Cowboy Barber Shop???
I like the shadowed cowboy =)

@ The Buffalo Bill Coaster

Get Ready peepo....
Buffalo Bill Coaster - RM5.00
It's actually a family ride, so it was cheaper...
but I thought this ride was kinda thrilling...
bcoz it made me screamed abit...
something like Genting's Flying Dragon, which is considered as a Thrill Ride
Pretty worth it lor...5 bucks for a thrilling ride =)
Rating : 3 stars

Pink Ducky Mascots and Red Indians Parading....

That place was seriously hot....
like putting yourself in natural sauna room...
we wanted to get back into the mall right after the coaster
but I thought I still wanted to try something else
so went to the Wagon Wheel.

Somehow the guy from the Buffalo Ride didn't collect our cash voucher after the ride
and we used the same voucher for the Wagon Wheel
So we actually spent RM2.50 per ride
worth it lerr??
Thank God we didn't choose to go back to the mall =)

@The Wagon Wheel, World of Adventure

Nice view right??
Wagon Wheel, RM5.00
Family Ride *Of course!*
Relax and take a beautiful view of the Amusement Park and the Pyramid Mall
It's very spacious,
better than Genting's Indoor and Outdoor Ferris Wheel
and It's not that hot....can feel abit of cool breeze
(though i still sweat a lot)
Rating : 3 Stars

The Crowded Scream Park
Sometimes I don't understand
why people pay money to scare themselves??

Seriously cannot stand the heat anymore...
went back to pyramid and grabbed a Cup of Joe and relaxed abit
while waiting for my parents to come...
@ Our Fave Place, Starbucks Coffee

Mocha Praline, RM14.00

Relax..... Wonderful Taste =)

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