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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I JUST LOVE Good Smelling People!!

Eh you know, you know? He/She has body odor.

That's the line that makes people both laugh and feel a bit disgusted at the same time.
In my case, my SUPER-SELF-CONSCIOUS-INSTINCTS will rage because I know what we are going to say about the BO person.
The reason that I feel so self conscious about this topic is because I sweat A LOT.
Probably because I have too much fats and toxic stored in my body.
I can never imagine what others will say behind your back when you aren't smelling good...

In Meg Cabot's book, How to be Popular once said :

If you're not popular, there could be many reasons.
On the top of the list was "Do you suffer from body odor?"

Having body odor is definitely not embarrassing, but what it does is that it will make your friends step away from you (physically).

But the book also says :
This probably wouldn't be a reason for not being popular, because it can be easily remedied through cosmetic products.

See? Why let body odor stop you from hanging around with your friends?

I would like to share a conversation of me and my friends talking about one of our friends with BO

Eh, you know arr.... (enter a name) got serious smell weih....

Huh, really arr? How you know?

With Your Nose la, dumb dumb!!

Oh, ya hor...

I know he is very nice but sitting beside him isn't nice at all!!

Don't he realize??.....the smell of his own....

Yes, that's what I'm wondering about!!

Aiyo, then we should just tell him la....

But very mean la...

Why mean?? We're trying to help okay??

Yea, I'm sure he will understand.

Then buy him a deodorant spray lorr....

I don't think buying a deodorant for him is an insult (though we didn't buy one for him in the end).
But it simply solves the problem.

After that conversation. I imagined myself to be the person they were talking about.
And that thought simply hurts!!
So, I decided to buy myself a deodorant too since I have kind-of-excessive perspiration.
And my choice was also Adidas.

I like the scent of the product which is not too strong but pleasant enough.
And the most important thing is, it controls sweat with its anti-perspiration formula.
Guys and Girls, USE IT!
especially when our earth is getting hotter and makes you sweat more every single day.

Feel fresh, lively and smell good!! (without BO)

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