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Monday, August 02, 2010

Wondermilk Cupcakes....

I was looking through photos in my recent albums and there's some random photos of food that I haven't upload.To be precise, it's sweet food a.k.a deserts photos. So yea I might just share them in today's post :

So pretty isn't it??
I was 80% melted just at the sight of it
and the taste, OMG I love it!!!
The texture is fine and the flavor is really strong and nice.
But it might be too sweet for some people... (e.g : my parents)

Yes these are cupcakes from Wondermilk
well there suppose to have 4 cupcakes in the box but I ate two of them with lightning speed so yea they are MIA(missing in action) in this photo.
If I'm not wrong, 1 cupcake is RM4.50 so a box of 4 costs RM18.00
I know, not cheap for something so small...
but think about the satisfaction you get when you look at it, when you taste it, when you smell it...
and basically a box of 4 is actually too much for a person to finish in 1 day
you'll probably be sick...
so you can share it with others =)
I think 1 or 2 cupcakes and a cup of coffee is enough to make myself happy for the whole day!!

This girl loves sweet sweet snacks and food

Wondermilk Cupcakes and Cafe
41, Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 PJ

Secret Recipe at 1 Utama 

From Cupcakes to Cakes!!
Now, I love Secret Recipe's cake!
Especially their cheese cake.
But in this photo, the top one is a Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake
and the bottom one is White Chocolate Macademia.
I love both cakes but cheesecake is definitely more of my flavor
(yes, i have a tendency to choose highly-fattening food, sue me.)
and I realize something about choosing cakes :
the smaller the size of a cake, the better it tastes.
bcoz a big slice of cake will eventually make you feel sick or "jelak"
yes this theory is TESTED AND PROVEN.
So don't be greedy to choose a big slice one!

Oh Secret Recipe's having this promotion for everyday
from 3 - 6pm, which is also our typical hi-tea time
you'll get a free coffee or tea with a purchase of a slice of cake
which is RM6 something per slice
so yea I think it's very worth it for me and my girlfriends to have gossip + hi-tea session someday in SR...LOL!

Click here to see the list of Secret Recipe Outlets

Something that I started loving from yesterday
Classic Cheesecake!!
Instead of those cheesy, moussy and cold cheesecakes
this is the baked cheesecake
it's very fluffy and soft and there's some orange taste
It's just so nice and
I didn't manage to take a photo of my Classic Cheesecake from Cake Sense
because me and my cousin finished it in 1 day time...

After all the sweet talk, we need some bitter stuff to neutralise (sounds like chemistry class)
yes, a cake needs a cup of coffee or tea to make it PERFECT MATCH
Here are my Fave Drinks :
This was from Secret Recipe
Hot Cappuccino and Ice Blended Green Tea

Hot Honey Lemon (sore throat emergency remedy!) and Yin Yong (Coffee + Tea)

I dunno why but I love canned coffees
Like Nescafe's Coffee, Dutch Lady's Latte, Boss Coffee is nice too...

AHA! My All-Time-Fave Drinks
Kopi Ais, Milo Ais, Teh Ais, Teh'O Ais!
Should add in Teh Tarik too!!

Something Random to share :
If you're buying Mister Potato's Rice Crisp or other canned chips
This is WHAT YOU GET when you open the lid
And if you look closely to the photo, the green color part actually says
"Extra Tall"
Bloody hell, who cares about the EXTRA TALL???
it's not like potato chips can wear high heels to get taller for a better look? 
So If you see EXTRA TALL...
It actually means EXTRA EMPTY-NESS TALL....

so don't be cheated by them....LOL

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