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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dermalogica Clean Start Kit Review

LOL since I'm kinda bored now, so i might just do some reviews LOL
yeapz....Subject of the Day : Dermalogica Clean Start Kit
I got these samples since June but didn't really use it coz I was concentrating on whitening after turning so tan due to sports day marching...
I started using it after my facial in Leonard Drake 1u
which was last week
my friend, Fiona told me it's a good product and I should definitely try it
and PROVEN, it's an awesome one LOL!!

Clean Start is a new range of products by Dermalogica that is made specially for teenagers with break-outs and face oily-ness problem...
(the way they write the instructions is like talking to a kid LOL!)
It's meant for oil controlling and acne prevention....

Yea, the samples are in a really cute and young designed bag

It contains 4 products from the range.
The names for the products are very teen-ish

and there's a booklet that gives all the info and tips of the range.

The cleanser.
Has a really citrus-sy scent.
It's a bit like gel form.
Just like any other cleansers, it cleans the face deeply but in a mild way
and leaves skin really really smooth. Love Love this =)

Night Use :
This is another cool product...
has a very citrus kind of smell too
it's like a mask + scrub i suppose
bcoz you have to let the scrub set into skin for 5-7 minutes after applying
then only you scrub
yea it exfoliates the skin completely 
skin is super soft and smooth and clean!
but for people with dry skin or sensitive skin, better not try this
the scrub might be too harsh and it kinda hurts when you scrub LOL

Night Use :
It's a essence kind of thing...
to heal acnes amd prevent breakouts
since i don't have any acnes so i can't tell how far does this thing work
the first time i use this,
i thought i was applying mayonaise coz it has a very weird smell
but my cousin told me it's cucumber
so i guess it's good for soothing down acne skin
the texture may seem oily after you apply
but miracle-ly, skin feels very refreshed after absorbing =)

Day Use : 
yeapz it's a mattifying moisturizer meant for oily skin people
to prevent shine and also excessive oil secretion
plus it has SPF 15 for sunscreen
but honestly 15 is so not enough for me
so i topped off another layer of sunblock after using this...
The texture is matte of course
but I prefer my face to be a bit glowing so I wont look that dull
anyways, it's pretty good after all
it's just not that suitable for me =)

In conclusion, I love the textures of all the products
but I'm not really sure about the acne prevention and oil controlling part
coz I'm a normal/combination type
but I think it'll be very effective for teenagers 
and you don't need to use a lot for each step, a five cent coin amount will do
you might think the sample is bloody small but surprisingly
I used it for 3 days 3 nights
awesome lerr??
yea so i think the price (from RM98 onwards )of the products are quite okay since you can use it for a long time...

and according to the girl from Leonard Drake
If you purchase the 3 products :
The Cleanser, Toner and the Matte Moisturizer
which is somewhere around RM286
You'll get 3 times facial treatment for Free!!

Check out Dermalogica's website for more details =)
My Ugly Prescription Sheet LOL!

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