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Monday, November 28, 2011

2pm Hands Up Tour -- Never hands down!

Not Just Hands Up, BUT Thumbs Up as well!!!
Most memorable concert in my life!!

Thanks to 8TV for the tix, really really thank you!!

This was suppose to be a surprise event. But, i don't think 2pm noticed the bubbles. Coz not many of the fans are blowing it, they are too occupied with taking photos of the boys. But I must give credits to the fan club people, who put in so much effort into this.

Before entering, the crowd outside the stadium was insane. They put the Rock Pit entrance next to the Free Seating entrance, can you imagine how packed it was???
once I got in, I was thankful that there's aircond. And when they show me where the rock pit is, i'm like : "MY GOSH DAMN CLOSE TO THE STAGE"

Suddenly I heard the crowd screaming and cheering. Yeaps, Nickhun's family arrived. and Mygosh, the brother look exactly like Nickhun lorrr....Everyone treated the family like superstars LOL. They were really polite, Nickhun's mother kept greeting to us. 

Opening Guest, Henley

When the lights dimmed
What's the time??? It's 2PM!


AWWWW  I loveee JunHo!!

WooHo Stage

My Gosh, So cute!!

"Back 2 U" I swear this part made me nosebleed. Damn Sexayyy :D

My Fave song, 10 points out of 10 points. Everyone was enjoying this song!!

Again and Again

Can you feel my HeartPOUND??

Angel Nickhun

I felt sad when they were singing the last song - Thank You....really really sad. I really don't want it to end...

by the way, Encore song is I'm Your Man, I didn't bother to take photos coz it was sooooo friggin HOT!!

Basically, the concert was awesome. Every second was hot and high and hyper!
They look abit tired, but still they danced and sang their hearts out.
I find Taecyeon's live rap really good haha...and watching Wooyoung dance live was like....awesome!!

JunHo!! he looks really FIT in real life. Still my fave!!

Chansung and Junsu. Wanna praise Junsu, he's so good in both singing and dancing!! and his solo stage - ALIVE, was awesome!

Nickhun!!!! He did really well!! Probably because his family was there to support him!! and he's really photogenic, every photo of him that I took looks really nice!! and my gosh his smile and the way he speak english...*dies*

Wooyoung! The cutest his small eyes LOL check out his muscles weihhh

Last, Taecyeon. I was totally mesmerized by him. I'm not that a BIG BIG fan of Taecyeon before this, and I didn't understand why so many girls out there love him so much. But after you see him in person, my gosh he is so freaking HOT. Very tall, very handsome and very sexy. I'm a BIG BIG fan of him now :D 

anyways, I'm really grateful that I can watch this concert. And I'm like so close to them weih...can see their faces clearly. I don't know why but I felt kinda touched whenever they sing right in front of me. It makes me feel like, the idol that I liked so much, which is from such a far place from me, is actually REAL, these Idols are real, and I'm looking at them right now! I didn't wasted my time liking and admiring some idol group which I thought was just a dream.
Once again, Thank You 8TV. For making all these happen!!
After the concert, I saw Nickhun's sister, Sherleen. and I asked for a photo with her. 
I was kinda speechless and didn't know what to say, and all I can say is "Thank You Thank You". She was really really nice and polite! Love her! Hope to see her again :D

My fave photo, TaecYeon!!!
Sexayyy Muscles...

2PM, always 2PM!

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